Harry Potter: Wizards Unite honors Dumbledore with fun event

There’s a new event coming to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to honor the great wizard, Dumbledore. Are you ready to face Calamity?

Special events are always fun in the gaming world. They offer a limited time to take part in a challenge, giving us the chance to interact with other gamers while solving a puzzle under a strict time limit. The latest event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is all about honoring Dumbledore, as players will need to face Calamity.

Calamity is surfacing all the memories of Dumbledore, especially those that involved the fight against Voldemort. The idea is to bring back all the dark memories, but we get to remember that there’s always light somewhere in there. Dumbledore was full of love and perseverance, and it’s those memories that we need to cherish to fight the new darkness.

The fight against Calamity has already started. Until Jan. 14, you can take part in the Frosty Foundables event, which involves freeing the Foundables from the ice Confoundables’.

Then on Jan. 18, you’ll be able to head to the Room of Requirements, where the secrets will be unveiled. You’ll need to find the many wonders and return them to the Room of Requirement.

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After that, you’ll want to take part in the Darkest of Times Brilliant Event, which is split into two parts and starts on Jan. 21. The first part will end on Jan. 28 with the second part taking place in February.

You’ll need to use all the skills that Dumbledore has ever taught you. At the same time, make sure you’re on the top of your fashion game.

The Dumbledore-honoring event is taking place on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now.