Daniel Radcliffe is Moon Knight: Amazing fan art will leave you stunned

We will always see Daniel Radcliffe as The Boy Who Lived, but an MCU fan is giving us a challenge with their amazing fan art of the actor as Moon Knight.

Recently, there have been rumors that Daniel Radcliffe is in the running for a role in the MCU. Harry Potter fans would be more than happy to see the Wizarding World star in the superhero universe, however, with it only being a rumor, we may never get to see it happen.

One fan decided they weren’t going to wait to see if the rumor will come to fruition or not though as they have gone and crafted their very own art showing what Daniel Radcliffe may look like in the MCU.

The artwork shows Radcliffe as Moon Knight; the character he is reportedly rumored to be in the running for.

Sporting a look that you could be forgiven for thinking is similar to the main character in Assassin Creeds. The artwork is breathtakingly amazing and removes all preconceptions that this is the man who played the young boy wizard so long ago.

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You can check out the amazing artwork for yourself right here.

It’s certainly something right? Fans have been voicing their opinion on what they think and the majority of the responses to the artwork have been positive.

So, what did you think of the fan art of Daniel Radcliffe as Moon Knight? Would you like to see the Harry Potter actor cast in the MCU? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.