The Harry Potter movies influenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

The Marvel comics may have come first, but the Harry Potter franchise was the inspiration for creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s how!

Despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines being linked to the comic stories, the creation of the universe was actually inspired by Harry Potter. It’s not about the story, but about how the movies had to link together.

Kevin Feige admits that he’s never read the Harry Potter books, according to He didn’t read them when they came out and his kids aren’t old enough to appreciate them yet. However, he has watched every single movie. He watched all eight movies during their respective opening weekends.

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And he did enjoy them. It just doesn’t sound like he’s the major fan like us, re-watching every chance we get. One thing he did admit, though, was that just watching once was enough to understand the story. Each movie was written in a way that made sense for a non-book fan. And that’s something important within a book-to-screen adaptation.

There are always going to be those who come into the story without knowledge of the book universe. They want to watch and enjoy the movies (or the TV show in some cases) for what they are. And that’s something Feige wanted to create with the MCU.

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Every movie needed to tell a story, one that could be tracked from movie to movie. If Easter eggs or major explanations from the comics got in the way of the story and the tracking of that story, then the writers had to pull back. They needed to find a way to contain everything within a movie for those who watched for fun and didn’t necessarily feel the need to immerse themselves into the entire comic book world.

That’s something Harry Potter has done beautifully. Many of us saw the Easter eggs from the books or we knew there was a deeper storyline within the book. Yet, it was possible for those who hadn’t read the books to follow the storyline properly without feeling like something was missing overall.

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Who would have thought Harry Potter would influence Marvel?