The Mandalorian: The 5 greatest Baby Yoda moments from season 1

Chapter 4. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 4. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

The Mandalorian closed out its first season last week, but it gave us eight episodes of Baby Yoda content to enjoy until the second season finally airs.

Fans of The Mandalorian may be wondering what they’re supposed to do now that the series’ first season has come to an end. The show took the internet by storm, particularly with the reveal of its most adorable character — Baby Yoda — and now we’ll have to wait until fall 2020 to see where the story goes next.

On the bright side, that means there’s plenty of time to rewatch the current episodes and appreciate Baby Yoda all over again. But what were some of the child’s best moments from the first season?

The big reveal

OK, one of the biggest pop culture moments of 2019 was when Mando finally found “the asset” during The Mandalorian‘s series premiere, revealing Baby Yoda in all of his adorableness and forever indebting Star Wars fans to this series. (Too much? Nah.)

Since then, the memes and gifs haven’t stopped coming, and there’s no sign of the Baby Yoda obsession slowing anytime soon. This reveal was one of the biggest of the year, and for that, it’s always worth a rewatch. Also, who doesn’t love to see Mando’s morals taking over as he decides to let the child live and turn on IG-11 instead?

When he stopped the Mudhorn

Most fans suspected that Baby Yoda would have Force powers, just like regular Yoda, but his encounter with the Mudhorn proved it — making him more than just a cute character, but an interesting one with the potential to be incredibly powerful somewhere down the line.

Mando would have fared much more poorly with the Mudhorn had Baby Yoda not been there to protect him. This moment opened a realm of possibilities for the show, and it also solidified the building relationship between these two characters.

When he almost crashed a ship and Force choked Cara

Baby Yoda had some fabulous moments during “Chapter 7” of The Mandalorian. I mean, was anyone not losing it when he accidentally almost crashed Mando’s ship? Or when he tried to Force choke Cara Dune because she was arm wrestling with his “father”?

We live for seeing Baby Yoda protect Mando

When he used his powers to push back fire

Baby Yoda’s biggest moment comes during “Chapter 8,” when Mando and his companions are trapped by Moff Gideon and his legion of Stormtroopers. Gideon tells his followers to begin burning the building the group is hiding in, and when fire begins shooting directly at our heroes, Baby Yoda stands up and takes matters into his own hands.

The child summons his Force powers to not only prevent the fire from hitting them, but to push it back toward their enemies. It’s Baby Yoda’s sole contribution to the fight, but it’s an important one. And let’s be honest: It looks really cool while it’s happening.

When he did the “magic hand thing”

Technically, the “magic hand thing” can apply to two moments during “Chapter 8” — and we’re going to cheat and put them both under this umbrella. For one, the reveal that Baby Yoda could use The Force to heal Greef Karga has major implications for The Mandalorian and the Star Wars franchise as a whole — after all, Force healing was a big part of The Rise of Skywalker, too.

More adorable and comical than that, however, is when Greef Karga tells Baby Yoda to “do the magic hand thing” when they’re surrounded by enemies. The kid basically just waves, and it’s just about the cutest moment in the history of television.

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What was your favorite Baby Yoda moment from The Mandalorian‘s first season? Tell us in the comments below.