Alan Gonzalez, Project Runway designer, celebrates his Alantude

PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Alan Gonzalez -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo)
PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Alan Gonzalez -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo) /

Going into this season of Project Runway, Alantude wasn’t a phrase known by many people. But Alan Gonzalez definitely left his mark on the fashion competition.

Alan Gonzalez might have only made it to episode three of Project Runway, but he made an impression on the judges and fans. While the first episode only saw a glimpse of Alantude, Gonzalez proved that he was going to stay true to his personality. Whether you were surprised or delighted, his three designs definitely stood out on the runway.

Looking back at Gonzalez’s three runway looks, it was clear that he was trying to make a bold, emphatic statement. Even though the looks might not be for everyone, he didn’t want to blend, be part of the crowd, or just assimilate. He was, and continues to be, his own unique self.

Gonzalez is Alantude. The name of his brand is more than just a name; it is an attitude about life. On his design page, he talks about avoiding limitations and pushing creativity boundaries. As seen during his short time on Project Runway, he definitely brought imagination to the runway.

While he loved a good twirl, Project Runway fans didn’t get to see everything that the designer could have offered. Although this design competition might not have been the best use of his grand imagination, he might be one of the most talked about designers of this season.

Alan Gonzalez, Project Runway
PROJECT RUNWAY — “Cats of the Urban Jungle” Episode 1802 — Pictured: Alan Gonzalez — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/Bravo) /

After being eliminated, Gonzalez answered some questions for Culturess. From his thoughts on unconventional materials to holiday looks, his comments were as candid as viewer had come to expect.

Culturess: The unconventional challenge is back. Did you do anything to prepare for this style of challenge?

Alan Gonzalez: Every season, I make a paper dress for my guests to sign as they enter my fashion shows. Instead of having a guest book, I have a guest dress. This is the closest thing I did to prepare. I truly have not done anything unconventional since high school.

Culturess: The holiday season seems to bring out all the “ugly holiday attire.” Do you feel that these unconventional holiday designs could or could not necessarily embrace that “fun” direction?

Gonzalez: An ugly Christmas sweater can be cute if styled right. It will always come down to styling.

Culturess: When it comes to a party dress, do you think that the look should be understated or over the top?

Gonzalez: Always over the top! You’ve seen me and my extra self. Be noticed for being over the top. Don’t be noticed for being the person who underdressed.

Culturess: Given the amount of people in the workroom, did anyone prove to be a distraction? Did certain personalities clash?

Gonzalez: If anyone was a distraction, it was me! I love having a good time and live life to the fullest. This can be a lot for some people, so, of course, personalities clashed.

Culturess: Which designer(s) do you think could win this competition?

Gonzalez: I’m rooting for the home team, Dayoung. She was my partner on episode one, and she was my roommate for my time there. We got really close, and I love her so much. She’s super talented, and if she isn’t sent to the hospital again, I think she can win it!

Culturess: How do you think that Project Runway impacted your design aesthetic and/or helped your design career?

Gonzalez: I never would have thought I’d be where I am. But I am blessed to say it has opened so many new opportunities, and I’m going wherever the Lord decides to take me next!

Culturess: What piece of advice would you give a designer who is thinking about applying to be on Project Runway?

Gonzalez: Do it! Throw yourself into it, be your most authentic self, and hope that the world loves it. There’s nothing you can’t do when you work hard and have passion for what you love.

Alan Gonzalez is the designer behind Alantude. Project Runway season 18 airs on Bravo on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

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Would Project Runway have benefited from some more Alantude? Should Alan Gonzalez have stayed in the competition longer?