The ladies of Game of Thrones were robbed this awards season


The Golden Globes nominations are in, and Game of Thrones in general is one of the most obvious snubs from the list of nominees.

It’s official: Awards season is upon us. The nominees for the Critics Choice awards were announced over the weekend, and the Golden Globes nominees were revealed today. And as with every year, there are snubs in every category — but one of the most noteworthy snubs seems to be the treatment of Game of Thrones around the board.

It’s obvious that the eighth and final season of HBO’s hit fantasy series was greeted with plenty of criticism, particularly from reviewers. But still, the actors and actresses poured their hearts and souls into the series’ ending, just as they’ve been for the past 10 years they’ve been working on the show. So, for Kit Harrington to be the sole nomination for a Golden Globe is almost offensive. (And we love Kit, but didn’t he have approximately two lines this entire season?)

In particular, the women of Game of Thrones haven’t seen a successful awards season, which is shocking given their stellar performances on the show. Lena Headey, it can be argued, didn’t showcase her best work this year — if only because the writers left her standing at a window with a glass of wine for the better half of the show’s final episodes. (Even so, it’s sort of a travesty that she never received an Emmy or Golden Globe for her portrayal of Cersei Lannister during previous years.)

On the other hand, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams all played major roles during the Game of Thrones’ final season, and all of them delivered performances worthy of awards nominations — if not the awards themselves. That’s why it’s so shocking that none of them were nominated for Golden Globes or Critics Choice awards. And even when all of them were nominated for Emmys, none of the actresses actually won. Peter Dinklage was the only Game of Thrones talent to leave with an Emmy earlier this year, and again, it could be argued that Tyrion Lannister didn’t shine quite as bright as Daenerys Targaryen or Sansa Stark in season 8.

Truthfully, if anyone had to take home an award for season 8, it should be Emilia Clarke. Whether you liked her Mad Queen arc or not, the actress portrayed Dany’s descent into madness brilliantly. How can anyone watch her speech after taking King’s Landing and not want to hand her a trophy?

Perhaps these snubs aren’t all that surprising, though. After all, Game of Thrones itself wasn’t even nominated in the Best Drama Series category. Given that it’s one of the most influential television shows of the decade, we have to wonder whether the powers that be just don’t appreciated a good fantasy story.

To be fair, the Critics Choice awards included Game of Thrones in its Best Drama Series category, so that isn’t a total wash. Gwendoline Christie was also nominated for a Critics Choice award this year for her portrayal of Brienne of Tarth — meaning she could very well be the only Game of Thrones lady to get recognition for the last season. We’re not saying we’re disappointed, but… no, we’re definitely disappointed.

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