Taylor Swift releases a new holiday bop with a charming music video

If you’re looking for a new song to jam to this holiday season, Taylor Swift’s just-released “Christmas Tree Farm” is the perfect choice.

‘Tis the season, and that means holiday music is in full swing on the radio — and OK, probably in our living rooms too. After all, even the biggest grinch can’t help but enjoy a catchy holiday-themed bop every now and then — and that’s exactly what Taylor Swift has given us with her new single “Christmas Tree Farm.”

The singer-songwriter announced she’d be releasing a new song in a video on Good Morning America, in which she told fans: “Hey, I know this is pretty wild, but I’ve just written a Christmas song. I feel like it’s weird to just wait a year to put it out.”

She then took to Twitter to inform fans the new song would be out that evening. And we’re glad we didn’t need to wait for the new single or its music video — and, you know, that Taylor’s cat gave her the go-ahead to release both of them this week.

As Swift mentions in her Tweet, the “Christmas Tree Farm” music video is comprised of her own home videos. The charming collection of throwbacks is dedicated to Swift’s time growing up on a Christmas-tree farm. And if that doesn’t make for an interesting video — and childhood story — we’re not sure what does.

Watch the video for “Christmas Tree Farm” here:

The song itself is an upbeat bop that brings with it visions of a cozy Christmas spent on a farm — complete with sledding, cider, a fireplace, and mistletoe. If “Christmas Tree Farm” doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit — or at the very least, a positive mood — we don’t know what will.

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What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new single? Are you adding it to your holiday playlist this year?
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