My Hero Academia season 4 episode 7 review: “The Raid Begins!”

This week’s episode of My Hero Academia begins the search for Eri — and the looming confrontation with Overhaul.

When this week’s episode of My Hero Academia opens, the hero interns are going about their daily lives while waiting to hear from the Pro Heroes who are investigating Shie Hassaikai’s hideouts, trying to determine where little Eri is being held captive. Deku and Mirio are on tenterhooks and chomping at the bit to begin the rescue operation already. The rest of Class 1-A can tell that there’s something different about Deku, Tsuyu, Ochaco, and Kirishima, who are under a gag order and can’t tell any of their friends about the upcoming raid. They seem more determined, powerful, and serious during training exercises, and even Bakugo starts demanding to know what the heck they know that everyone else doesn’t.

Deku is stressed and worrying about Eri and All Might to the point of frustration. Todoroki and Iida are there for him at his lowest moment. Iida realizes that whatever is upsetting Deku is something Deku can’t share with him and Todoroki, so he reassures Deku the best way he knows how. Just like Deku had told Iida during the incident with the hero killer, Stain, it’s Iida’s turn to remind Deku, “If you’re ever feeling hopeless, let me know.”

Those simple words — that simple reminder — is enough to trigger Deku’s tears, but he steels himself and relies on the kindness of his friends to get through that moment.  Still anxious about the upcoming rescue operation, he lies awake at night, waiting and waiting, unable to sleep.

Sir Nighteye is the one who finally identifies Eri’s location, which to everyone’s chagrin, is Shie Hassaikai’s headquarters nearby. Finally, the text message goes out in the dead of the night. The moment they’ve been waiting for is finally at hand.

On the morning of the raid, Deku and Mirio are pumped up and raring to go, understandably enough. Mirio is still frustrated with himself for forcing Deku to stand down on the day they first encountered Eri and Overhaul, but Sir Nighteye firmly believes that he took the correct course of action. Eraserhead reminds Deku that he will be watching him closely. Deku understands by now, though, that his teacher just wants him to make wise judgements and refrain from taking reckless actions.

The thing about Shie Hassaikai is that, unlike the League of Villains, they’re a well-organized group with a smart and levelheaded leader. By the time the heroes deploy, Overhaul already has an underling reporting the increased hero presence and the gathering of police units. He has no qualms about sending his Eight Bullets out to clash with the authorities. He’s also smart enough to figure out that this isn’t some random raid. The heroes have a specific objective, and Overhaul seems to have a pretty good idea that their target is Eri.

The police approach the residence first, announcing that they come bearing a search warrant. Rikiya, one of the Eight Bullets and a massive bear of a man, comes out and charges at the police officers who are pulled to safety by Deku and Eraserhead. Pro Hero Ryukyu shifts into her dragon form and slams Rikiya to the ground. While she restrains the villains, the raid team charges into the massive residence. Deku and Lemillion speed toward the front door. This is supposed to be a rescue operation only, but something tells me these young heroes are in for the fight of their lives.

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