Watchmen season 1 episode 7 live stream: Watch online

Now that Angela knows more about her own family, the show is going to have a lot of explaining to do in the next few episodes of Watchmen. Here’s wear to watch.

Watchmen may only have a few episodes left this season but they have a lot to answer for. Right now, we know who the Seventh Kalvary is, we know why Will Reeves killed Judd, and we know why Judd had those Klan robes in his closet. But that still feels like we’re barely at the tip of the iceberg.

So much of Tulsa is lost to the war between the police and the Seventh Kalvary and all of it is fake because the government and the police are in on it together. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know where the show is headed.

Right now, we’re trying to figure out everyone’s connection to Dr. Manhattan and how it is going to end up coming in to play. At the moment, the only people who didn’t seem to care about Dr. Manhattan are Wade and Angela but now that Angela is with Lady Trieu, who knows if she’s still going to be on the outside of that storyline.

The show only has three episodes left and it is going to be interesting to see if they try and connect everything or leave some of it for season 2 because, right now, there is just still so much we don’t know about life in Tulsa or, more importantly, what is going to happen to our favorite characters.

Here is where to watch the latest episode of Watchmen:

Air date: Sunday, December 1

Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “An Almost Religious Awe”

TV Channel: HBO

Live Stream: Watch on HBO and HBO Go, as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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