Mental health is given the spotlight in powerful single from Samuel Jack

In a powerful new single from Samuel Jack, mental health awareness gets the spotlight, as listeners are reminded to help others.

In mid-October, London’s Samuel Jack released a brand new single, “In My Head.” This powerful new song focuses on a topic that deserves a lot of attention – mental health awareness.

Over the years, mental health awareness has grown as a topic of discussion, as more and more people realize how critical it is to talk about mental health. And now, with Jack’s single, ‘In My Head,” listeners get a reminder that it is not only important to recognize when someone is struggling, but it is also critical that we help people as well.

This is a song that really dives deep into the emotions of this topic, and that matters, because it allow us to connect to the music in a way that captures the imagination.

With vocals that are soulful and deep, Samuel Jack delivers a single that sticks with you long after the song ends. Of course, at the same time, it is hard to listen to the pain that resonates throughout this piece. There is something so powerful about these lyrics, that it just hits a nerve if you have ever struggled with any type of mental health issues, from depression to anxiety.

Listen to “In My Head” here:

“In My Head” almost feels like an anthem of power and perseverance, making it the kind of song that will live with you for a long time to come.

Perhaps what really makes this piece so emotionally powerful is the fact that this seems to be a topic close to Samuel Jack. In fact, as someone who calls themselves a “mental health survivor,” Jack definitely knows what he is singing about.

And when talking about his single and mental health awareness, the singer explained, “For me, I struggled with depression and anxiety – and in my eyes, despite having a history of mental health issues in my family – I’m certain my issues were born through situation and subsequently has come to affect every aspect of my life. Romantic relationships, professional ones; it really took hold of me.”

Ultimately, “In My Head” is a much-needed mental health awareness anthem from someone who clearly knows about this topic on a personal level.

What do you think of this single? Do you find it to be compelling and powerful as a song about mental health? Tell us what you think in the comments.