Are you ready to transform yourself into a LEGO Minifigure?

Would you jump at the chance of transforming yourself into a LEGO Minifigure? Coming to LEGOLAND New York Resort, that transformation will happen.

Could you really become your own LEGO Minifigure? While Emmett, iconic characters and others have seen themselves in mini figure form, the regular person has only been able to pretend. But next year, everyone could become one of these famous LEGO toys.

LEGOLAND New York Resort is the highly anticipated theme park, which is set to open on July 4, 2020. Announced at this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando, one of the most anticipated attractions will be the LEGO Factory Adventure. While the ride, itself, is set to be thrilling, the biggest reveal will have all ages flocking to get a seat on this new LEGO adventure.

As part of the technology of this ride, each guest will be transformed into their own LEGO Minifigure. With help from Holovis, a technology company, each guest will have their attributes transformed into LEGO form. While it might seem unlikely, it really does work.

Through on-ride tracking technology, the system maps a guest into the virtual space. From hair color and length to clothing, this technology takes the rider and transforms it.

At the IAAPA Expo, I had the opportunity to play with this technology. In what seemed like just a few seconds, the scan was complete and my minifigure was staring back at me. If I smiled, waved, clapped and more, the minifigure responded to my movements. It was definitely an experience that everyone will enjoy.


LEGOLAND New York entrance, photo provided by LEGOLAND New York

The new ride technology is just part of this multi-sensory experience. The LEGO Factory Adventure ride takes guests through a LEGO factory adventure. The ride vehicles will move throughout the adventure and have guess feels like they are part of the actual factory. It is as if guests have put themselves directly into the factory environment.

While LEGOLAND attractions are intended to appeal to kids ages 2-12 and families, this new ride could entice LEGO fans of all ages to visit. Who hasn’t wanted to see themselves in the virtual LEGO world?

This new ride experience shows how technology continues to impact guests’ experiences. Theme parks are more than just the adrenaline thrill or the character interaction. Experiences need to be multi-sensory.

Since theme parks are always looking to exceed guests’ expectations, it seems likely that these type of multi-sensory experiences will expand. Could your likeness soon appear in the Wizarding World or alongside Mickey on a railroad car? The possibilities continue to expand.

Part of the reason why guests appreciate these offerings is because it grows the connection to their favorite characters. While the imagination might be powerful, the real world deepens the connection.

The LEGO Factory Adventure at LEGOLAND New York will be just one of the many experiences at the theme park. The theme park will feature 50 rides, shows and attractions. With over 150 acres, it will be the largest LEGOLAND theme park and will feature seven lands. The site is set to open in Hudson Valley on July 4, 2020.

If you want to see yourself transformed into a LEGO Minifigure start planning your trip for next year. It could become your favorite theme park experience.

What do you think of this new attraction? Do you think adults will want to try this experience as much as kids?