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Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO /

We’re getting a deeper look into characters, learning more about the world, and now, this week’s Watchmen, seems to be giving us a better look into Tulsa.

Every week, we learn more about Watchmen and yet we always come out of it with more questions. Which is maybe the way it is meant to be. For so long, we’ve just been getting more and more information about the world around them with very little context as to where it is going.

For weeks, Ozymandias has been building something. For what? Who knows, but it has been happening non-stop. Then there is Angela and her connection to Judd who was a member of the KKK and mix that in with the Seventh Kalvary and it seems as if everything is a bit of a mess.

And the worst part is, we don’t know where it is heading. But then again, that’s how the graphic novel came to life before our eyes. It constantly gave us a look into these characters and their lives and kept adding a level to the story until it all came to life by the end.

So, is the show following the same idea? Giving us so much information week after week and then throwing it all together in the end to blow our minds? Possibly and we’ll have to see where this next episode takes us as we look at Looking Glass and his story throughout all of this.

Here is where to watch the latest episode of Watchmen:

"Air date: Sunday, November 17Time: 9 p.m. ETEpisode: “Little Fear of Lightning”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: Watch on HBO and HBO Go, as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime."

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