Charmed season 2 episode 6 review: Macy dances with the devil


In this week’s episode of Charmed, Macy finds herself closer than she ever wanted to be with Harry’s darklighter as she must save herself and her sisters.

Last week’s episode of Charmed led us on a deep and dark journey through Harry’s subconscious in an effort to learn more about his darklighter and find Macy.

We begin with a flashback to two months ago–a hand unlocks the bottle in the castle in Scotland where Harry’s darklighter is released. When he awakes, naked on the floor, surrounded by black smoke, he says, “What happened? Who are you?”

A voice off-screen, which sounds not unlike Alistair Caine, says, “I’m your new master. Get up.”

Cut to present day with Macy waking up in her bed after being kidnapped by Sexy Harry. She goes downstairs to the kitchen where he’s cooking. It’s the Charmed Ones’ house, but it’s also not–dark and empty.

When he sees she’s awake, he gives her a warm hug, and says, “Thank God,” telling her that as soon as the darklighter took her, they rescued her and she’s safe and sound.

Macy doesn’t remember anything as she’s been unconscious for two days. Of course, she asks where Maggie and Mel are, and Sexy Harry quickly changes the subject, bringing out a bottle of wine. Macy is clearly still suspicious and tries to open the front door as soon as he leaves her alone for a moment, but finds the door locked and unable to open.

Back at Elder HQ, Maggie and Mel are still trying to make sense of the revelation that Harry and the darklighter have feelings for Macy, wondering if they’re indeed the same person. “We’re not the same brain. We have the same memory. And the same feelings,” Harry responds darkly.

Maggie suggests that she can try to use her new sight powers again. It’s a long shot, but may be their only one. While Mel is dismissive, Harry agrees that they have to use anything in their arsenal. Macy may not be in danger yet, but the darklighter is very dangerous.

After dinner, Harry asks Macy if they can dance. She asks if she can excuse herself to change into something more appropriate, whispering in his ear, “There’s that little red dress you like.” Sexy Harry may not be our Harry, but the chemistry is still real!

Over at SafeSpace, in an attempt to use her sight powers, Jordan and Maggie sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” at Rando Karaoke Night. She touches him and gets a brief flash of something, but he pulls away before she can get a full vision.

After, Harry tells Maggie she needs to get him alone and touch him all over until she gets a complete vision.”Harry! How is she supposed to do that and not get arrested?” Mel responds. It’s a hilarious moment and one that reminds us of Harry’s detachment from modern reality and complete devotion to Macy and the Charmed Ones.

Meanwhile, Macy goes upstairs and changes, then breaks out a window in her room to escape, but outside the window it’s just black ooze. She realizes none of it is real, beginning to panic. Sexy Harry, of course, finds her and smiles, asking what gave him away.

Macy tells him everything did. (Harry will be comforted to know she, in fact, didn’t need a safe word after all.) He says he wishes they could have spent some quality time together before things got unpleasant. Macy responds, “We can skip right to the unpleasantness.”

Macy tries to throw a fireball at him, but nothing happens. He pulls a stone out of his back pocket and reveals her powers have been neutralized. Of course, we have to have more of the push and pull between Sexy Harry and our Harry.

Macy’s eyes flash as she tells Sexy Harry not to breathe a word about Harry. “He’s special to you, isn’t he?” Sexy Harry says, in a mocking tone. “But I think you like me better.”

“You disgust me,” she replies. Macy’s dreams would say otherwise… As much as she resists the lure of Sexy Harry, there is a lure, and he knows it. “I’m different from him, and you like it,” he responds.

Macy changes the subject, asking what he wants and why she’s being held captive. Sexy Harry laughs and hands her her phone. Macy quickly realizes he wants her to be bait for the Charmed Ones, and, predictably, doesn’t call for help.

Sexy Harry turns a dial on his watch, and their location changes to a Manhattan apartment. Their location is uncloaked so they can be tracked. Sexy Harry wanted to get to know her, outside of Macy’s dreams, but alas, now he has to bring it all to a head.

Back at SafeSpace, Harry, Mel, and Maggie devise a plan to get Jordan and Maggie alone–they’ll trap them together in an elevator. Maggie asks Jordan to go upstairs with her because she’d locked herself out of the gym, and when he reluctantly agrees, Mel runs to the breaker box and blows a potion on it.

(Which begs the question, why not just flip the breaker on the elevator? But alas, this is Charmed.)

Successfully trapped in the elevator, Maggie takes Jordan’s hand, saying she’s afraid of elevators. Jordan, of course, rolls his eyes, but gives it to her. Nothing happens. She sees the ring on his other hand and asks to take it, then gets a vision of the darklighter at a bar called Schmitty’s on the Lower East Side in New York.

Maggie texts Mel while a very confused Jordan wants to know what just happened. But it’s enough for Harry and Mel to shakily orb out of there (Harry’s been practicing).

In Manhattan, Macy, now tied up and waiting for her sisters and Harry, starts to ask Sexy Harry questions (who is wearing his leather jacket again), wondering why he cooked her dinner rather than immediately handing her over.

Appealing to Sexy Harry’s feelings for her, she says she wants to know everything about him. He explains he was a prisoner, “the leftovers tossed from the garbage bin.” After finally getting his body back, he’ll never give that up again. If he can get his master the power, he’ll be free.

Once at Schmitty’s, there’s a kerfuffle and the demons begin to attack Mel and Harry. Harry overpowers the demon and holds him at knife point. It’s the vision Maggie had, which as it turns out, wasn’t of the darklighter at all.

Mel pulls another potion out of her bag of tricks–hellflame–and demands they tell them where the darklighter is or she’ll drop the bottle. The Irish demon does and Harry orbs them out of there.

Meanwhile, Macy has Sexy Harry all buttered up, having convinced him to untie her so she can help him. As they dance, she suggests trading Abigael for her sisters and whispers to Sexy Harry about getting what they want, slipping her hand down his back into his back pocket, and grabbing the stone that holds her powers.

They jump apart and he throws a fireball at him. They have a brief fight when Harry and Mel orb in and Macy pins Harry to the wall by his throat and he chokes out their safe word. Seeing it’s him, she lets go just in time for Sexy Harry to show up in his full assassin gear as Harry orbs them out.

Once they’re back at the house, an exhausted Harry (who is still getting his orbing feet back under him) decides he has to go back to settle things between him and Sexy Harry.

(It’s smart to suit up Sexy Harry so we can’t see his face rather than have to block the scenewith two Rupert Evans.)

Clearly, Sexy Harry outmatches our Harry in the fight, but our Harry is determined to end this once and for all. He grabs the green assassin goo and slams it across Sexy Harry’s face, keeping him from being able to orb away.

“Nice knowing you, Harry,” he says, holding the boomerang assassin blade over his darker half, and  for a second, it’s doubtful whether Harry will be able to do it. But then he does stab him, ending it once and for all.

After, Macy is home safe and sound and all appears to be well for the time being (aside from the fact that everyone is still pretty shaken up). Harry goes to apologize to Macy for what she went through “at the hands of that monster.”

“Well he wasn’t a monster entirely… He was a part of you,” she responds, giving Harry exactly what he needs to hear in the moment and causing viewers everywhere to melt.

Of course, the exceedingly good Harry still has to reckon with discovering the part of himself that was so brutally evil (both in life and in death). Macy reassures him he did the right thing and all seems to be well, until at the human Harry’s grave, it appears that the darklighter has risen again…

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