AHS: 1984 season finale live stream and preview: Watch online

The decade is coming to an end, and all the teens, dead or alive, have to face the music at Camp Redwood. How will the AHS: 1984 finale shock us?

When the new season of American Horror Story began, we knew we’d be taking a campy journey into the past, complete with killer tunes, neon spandex, sex-crazed teens and summer hi-jinx. What we didn’t quite expect, and what has come to be the reality of AHS: 1984, was the level of mystery that’s still surrounding the season, which ends tonight.

It’s not that we’re waiting for clarity on our characters or still hoping for a certain storyline to pay off; it’s more that, holistically, the season hasn’t necessarily delivered the level of twisty, turny, horrific fun we’re used to being served up.

And while we’ve definitely endured some shocking moments this year, there’s still hope that tonight’s finale could be the one that drops a bomb to reframe our understanding of the season (and maybe series?) so far.

Check out the trailer below for surprise guest, who may turn out to have some of the answers.

As our campers continue to stumble through purgatory — waiting to either find out why they’re still around and/or resign themselves to a ghost-life of continued crime — an unexpected guest joins them. A guest who feels eerily familiar, and not just because he’s played by AHS alum Finn Wittrock.

In the episode’s official synopsis, which is just vague enough to make me thirsty to know the real tea, we’re not given any concrete information, which I’m fairly confident is on purpose.

Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure.

Those of us who’ve been with the series for the long haul will recognize Wittrock from Freak Show, and though his character was, uhhh, taken care of by the end of his journey on the show, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Dandy Mott has returned.

Another theory that’s been rattling through my brain (and around the Internet) since almost the beginning of the season is a Lana Winters (Asylum) tie-in. There’s no hard evidence on this front, but given that Mr. Jingles’ origin story is asylum-based; that Lana Winters became a TV journalist who pursued truths in those who were hurt by the system; and that Brooke appears to be giving an interview in the trailer above, and the fact that I really, really want and need it to happen all make me pretty confident that a twist is nigh. And even if it’s not, the false hope of a greater message from 1984 has sustained me for eight episodes so far. Surely, if those kids can remain in purgatory without any explanation nor guiding mission indefinitely, I can survive one more. Watch with me!

Here’s how to tune in to the AHS: 1984 finale tonight.

Date: November 13

Time: 10 p.m. ET

Episode: “Final Girl”

Channel: FX

Live stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on FX’s website or via FX Now.

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