Can men and women be friends? Harry and Hermione say yes


Harry and Hermione’s friendship through the Harry Potter books proves that not every friendship has to turn into romance, and that’s refreshing.

I know, I know, some of you actually wanted it to turn romantic. And some of you might even argue that the Harry Potter story would have been better if it had. Harry and Hermione fit together so much better than Hermione and Ron did, for example.

And maybe that’s true. Maybe, on paper, Harry and Hermione were the perfect couple. But that’s precisely why I always enjoyed the fact that this was never a possibility.

There’s never a hint of romance for Harry and Hermione. Sure, there’s a point in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, thanks to Rita Skeeter, where the whole school thinks they’re in a relationship – but Harry and Hermione never take it seriously, and it’s not used as a way for them to realize their feelings, no.

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In fact, all that moment does is reinforce the fact that they just don’t like each other that way.

And, isn’t that life? Haven’t you met people who, in paper, were perfect for you, only to find that there’s no romantic spark? Have you ever sat through a blind date with this guy who’s sure to be your soulmate only to realize it just doesn’t work?

Sometimes – often times, I’d say – life is just unpredictable like that. What should work sometimes doesn’t.

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To every relationship that works, there’s just an “x” factor. A reason why things go beyond “I like spending time with this person,” to “I want to spend all my time with this person.” Sometimes, we don’t make the best decisions, but we make our decisions, and that’s always been one of the main themes of the Harry Potter books.


Harry and Hermione made the choice to be friends, back in first year, after the troll incident, and it’s a choice that the books reinforced over and over again. It might not have been everyone’s choice, but I, for one, am glad they made it.

We could all use a best friend like Hermione, after all.

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What do you think about Harry and Hermione’s relationship? Wold you have liked to see them be more than friends? Or are you happy with the way their story played out? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.