What can we expect from a Targaryen-centric Game of Thrones prequel?


If you’re looking to fill the void that Game of Thrones left in your life, don’t worry: There are now two prequels in development — and one of them is going to be all about the Targaryens.

When a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. And after that final season of Game of Throneswe know where Dany’s coin landed — but it looks like we’ll be flipping again soon. According to multiple major news outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, there’s a second Game of Thrones prequel in development. And this one will focus entirely on House Targaryen.

Given that George R.R. Martin recently released Fire and Blood, a huge tome covering the history of the dragon-riding Targaryens, we suppose it was only a matter of time. And The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the new series will be based off of Martin’s book — though that in itself leaves us with plenty of questions.

Fire and Blood covers years and years of Targaryen history, meaning the show has two options. It can jump from major moment to major moment, offering an anthology of Targaryen-centric stories for viewers to enjoy. Or it can give us a linear narrative by focusing in on one specific era. (CNBC reports that the show will take place 300 years before Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean it can’t jump around from there.)

Whatever the showrunners decide to do, A Song of Ice and Fire fans can rest knowing that George R.R. Martin will be writing the pilot episode with Ryan Condal of Colony fame. That puts the series off to a good start as far as being true to the source material goes.

But which Targaryens might we see in the new prequel? We’d love to dive deeper into the Mad King’s and Rhaegar’s storylines, but that 300-year gap between series implies that we won’t be seeing any of Dany’s immediate relatives on the new show.

The estimate of 300 years does, however, set us up perfectly to follow Aegon’s Conquest, the years during which Aegon the Conquerer invaded Westeros and took the throne for House Targaryen. That’s a piece of history that remains untouched as far as the small screen goes, and it’s one that would certainly give a different perspective of how the Mad King and his children became heirs to the throne in the first place.

Of course, nothing’s definite until we hear more plot (and production) details. The Targaryen sequel is likely a long way off in terms of actually airing, but at least we have news about The Long Night to keep us busy in the meantime.

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