Meet Tylor! Monsters at Work series will revisit the Monsters Inc. world

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Ben Feldman and Aisha Taylor joined fans at the D23 Expo to reveal new details about their upcoming Disney+ series, Monsters at Work.

On Friday night, at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, guests filed into the Disney+ panel, ready to hear about all the content coming to Disney’s new streaming service, which launches later this year. Amongst the many, many shows announced and details released was a closer look at an original show coming to the streaming service called Monsters at Work.

Monsters at Work takes place within the Monsters Inc. universe and follows Tylor, a recent graduate of Monsters University, as he joins Monsters Incorporated. Tylor is a trained scarer, but on his first day of work, the company switches to using laughter instead of screams. Tylor dreams of working on the floor with Mike and Sulley, but if he wants to get there, he’ll have to figure out how to navigate this new field.

Ben Feldman, the voice of Tylor, introduced the series at the Expo alongside Aisha Taylor, who will voice Tylor’s mother, Millie. The rest of the voice cast includes Kelly Marie Tran, Henry Winkler, and Lucas Neff, as well as John Goodman and Billy Crystal, who will be returning to voice Sulley and Mike, respectively.

Disney did not announce a specific release date for the new show, but said it will be available on Disney+ sometime in 2020.

Take a look at Tylor and Millie in Disney+’s Twitter post about the series:

This will not be the first time Disney and Pixar have revisited the Monster world since the original film came out in 2001, but it will be the first time they navigate this universe in a TV series. Pixar recognized fans’ desire to revisit Mike and Sulley when they released Monsters University in 2013. Will they strike gold again wjth a new cast of characters?

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