3 ways Agent Carter can fit into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s final season


Rumors  suggest that Agent Carter will return to the final Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. We have some ideas about how that could happen.

Look, we make no secret of our love of both Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter around here. With Agents of SHIELD ending its sixth season only a short time ago and jumping back in time to the 1920s/30s-era America, we’ve already made it known that we’d love to see Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter show up to aid our SHIELD compatriots.

Likewise, that heavily-rumored, female-led Marvel show that may show up after SHIELD ends can easily be an Agent Carter spin-off.

Until then, it’s all rumor-mongering. But to add fuel to the fire, FandomWire is reporting that Hayley Atwell will reprise her role as Agent Carter in SHIELD’s final season. It makes so much sense, given the whole time travel thing, but let’s keep in mind that it’s all still so much speculation until we see an official announcement.

Still, we can’t help but theorize on how she could fit in. Below are three solid ideas for how to re-introduce Peggy Carter.

1. Help her start SHIELD with Howard Stark

Right now, our SHIELD compatriots are most likely right around 1930, meaning that we’re still a ways away from SHIELD being formed. However, FitzSimmons seems to have perfected the art of time travel, so it’s easy enough to hop forward a decade or so.

Our team needs the help of a SHIELD expert (in LMD Coulson), but they also will need help from SHIELD itself in a stronger, more unified form.

The other issue is that the Chronicoms have Fury’s black box with all of SHIELD’s knowledge and all of Earth’s history. If saving the world includes mucking up the timeline a bit and starting SHIELD earlier, Peggy may just help do that.

2. Reintroduce the Howling Commandos

Look, if our SHIELD team is out traversing through the time streams with minimal support crew thanks to Izel, Sarge, and the Chronicoms, they’re going to need some solid backup.

And Peggy did call on the Howling Commandos during Agent Carter’s run. They could easily reintroduce Peggy into the fold by searching for their new security team, because of course LMD Coulson would know all about the Howling Commandos and think that’s a great idea. And forget that Peggy was part of them.

And then be shocked when Peggy’s shooting alongside them. It would also give us a great fan reaction from Coulson.

3. Find her in 1947 after Agent Carter‘s second season

Margaret Carter was an integral part of SHIELD from its inception until her retirement decades later. It might be a little too hackneyed for Agents of SHIELD to change much of anything in regards to the MCU’s canon.

So why not find her at the end of Agent Carter’s second season–when it looks like her and Sousa will get their happy ending together? It keeps the timeline intact and fills in some of the blanks between Agent Carter‘s second season and when Tony and Steve show up in 1970. It wouldn’t change anything and would keep her legacy intact.

Besides–it would provide some closure for Agent Carter fans who longed for just one more season.

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We’ll have to wait and find out when Agents of SHIELD premieres in Summer 2020!