The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter vacation package is back and our wands are packed


Need another reason to visit Universal Orlando Resort? The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter vacation package is back and our wands are packed.

After last week’s big Universal’s Epic Universe announcement, the Florida theme park is giving Harry Potter fans another reason to pack their wands this fall. The return of the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter vacation package will be a must book trip, especially with the newest special enhancements.

Of course, Harry Potter fans have been flocking to Universal Orlando resort for years. Even more so now that Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike Adventure is open. Still, the Orlando theme park is adding to the whole Harry Potter experience with the return of the Harry Potter vacation package.

The new version of this vacation packages adds more fun experiences for the Harry Potter fan. In addition to theme park tickets and accommodations at the new Endless Summer resort, there are special Harry Potter souvenirs and experiences that make this vacation package a must.

The most fun addition to this vacation package is the photography session at Shutterbutton’s Photography Suite. This experience can sometimes be overlooked in Diagon Alley, but it should definitely make you must visit list.

In Harry Potter, fans are familiar with the moving pictures. These pictures are something unique to the Wizarding World. While people today might happily post Instagram stories and Boomrangs, the Harry Potter moving pictures have their own special version photographic magical memories.

At Shutterbutton’s, guests get to put themselves into iconic Harry Potter scenes from around the Wizarding World. From feeling the dragon’s blast of heat to stepping off the Hogwarts Express, you moving self is transposed into that visual.

Of course, there is a little green screen magic that helps create these moments. Sometimes the real world needs to reveal the magic for a reason. Just a hint, don’t wear green in front of a green screen or you could look like you are wearing an invisibility cloak.

During your photo session, you can borrow a robe or bring your own. Also, you can bring props, like your wand or something else that is special to you.

The DVD makes for a great vacation souvenir. In this Harry Potter vacation package, you get both a DVD and a 8 x 10 print. Watching that DVD will definitely bring back a lot of magical memories.

But the Harry Potter fun is more than a photo. The vacation includes breakfast at both the Leaky Cauldron and the Three Broomsticks. Both of these Harry Potter restaurants have impeccable attention to detail.

More importantly, the food at these restaurants is quite tasty. Over the past couple of years, Universal Orlando Resort has prioritized its food choices. These immersive dining experiences with delicious food options for all guests makes the Harry Potter experience even more authentic.

And, the whole vacation package comes with quintessential Harry Potter souvenirs. From a special welcome letter to a set of luggage tags featuring Harry Potter characters, this themed keepsake box is exciting.

One item that seems to be missing in this vacation package would be an escorted tour of the areas. Could a wizard help guide you through the journey? While other areas of Universal offer a behind the scenes tour (like the Mummy and Men In Black), the Wizarding World allows guests to explore on their own.

Could find some type of experience that teaches guests how to use their wands like in the books? Granted the wand ceremony is interactive, but a more in depth experience could be a fan’s dream come true. Many fans would happily pay for more Harry Potter experiences.

While many people will be calling Universal Orlando to book one of these vacations, there are many other experiences that Harry Potter fans must put on their vacation must see list. Although visitors know about the rides, wand ceremonies and Butterbeer, a few other smaller experiences shouldn’t be missed.

For example, visitors can exchange money at the Gringotts bank. Just make sure that you follow the rules. Those tellers might have a short fuse and they often talk back to customers who don’t move the line along.

The shows in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are quite enjoyable. Throughout the day, the stages have performances by the Frog Choir or Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees.

All around both areas of the Wizarding World there are hidden gems. From invisible birds to a talking snake, sometimes you need to be very observant to see these moments. Remember, every detail was carefully planned to be authentic. The truly observant might discover some fun Harry Potter facts.

Of course, the experience doesn’t end when the sun fades. The nighttime projection show on the Hogwarts Castle is amazing. From the upcoming Dark Arts show to the Christmas-time celebration, these shows should be watched several times during the evening. Since the show runs numerous times a night, it can be fun to watch it from different areas. Just make sure that you look around and listen to everything.

While all these fun Harry Potter experiences happen in the theme parks, it is curious that Universal has never expanded to a Harry Potter themed hotel. Although this concept could prove difficult, fans would likely jump at the opportunity to book a room.

Although Universal has some decorated theme rooms (Minions and Jurassic Park), an interactive or immersive hotel could be a game changer for the park. While there might not be space at the current locations, could the new Epic Universe include such an option?

For now, Harry Potter fans can book this Wizarding World Of Harry Potter vacation package. The package prices start at $135 per person, per night. The cost is based on a party of four. Vacations can be booked now through December 2020.

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Are you ready to book your Wizarding World Of Harry Potter vacation package? What type of Harry Potter experience would make your vacation even more magical?