The 100 season 6 episode 13 live stream: Watch online

The sixth season of The 100 comes to an end tonight, and the stakes are higher than ever for Skaikru. Can they outsmart the Primes without further bloodshed?

This season of The 100 has been one of the most intense ones yet, combining Skaikru’s tendency to get themselves into trouble with new groups with their desire to “be the good guys” after destroying Earth last season. And though they’ve tried to balance the two, doing better hasn’t been easy for them.

In Skaikru’s defense, the Primes have started and continued a war, even after Clarke and her friends made every attempt to secure a peaceful relationship with them. And now that Sanctum’s on the verge of collapse, the Primes are heading somewhere they’re sure to cause even more trouble: the Eligius ship, where the grounder armies await them.

And while the preview for tonight’s episode shows Clarke doing everything in her power to keep the peace between the different groups, it looks like the Primes and the grounders still have other plans. Will this finale be a repeat of season two’s conclusion to the Mount Weather debacle?

Watch the preview for “The Blood of Sanctum” here:

With any luck, Clarke will figure out a solution for getting rid of the Primes without wiping out another civilization in the process. But we’ll be honest, things look pretty bleak in the teaser trailer. Skaikru may have a difficult time turning the odds in their favor without resorting to violence.

Whatever happens during tonight’s episode, sacrifices are sure to be made. Hopefully the season finale won’t break fans’ hearts too much, but then, it’s The 100 — something wild is bound to happen.

Here’s how to tune in for tonight’s season finale: 

Date: Tuesday, August 6

Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “The Blood of Sanctum”

TV Channel: The CW

Live Stream: Watch on The CW or Amazon Prime.

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