No, ‘childless millennials’ aren’t ruining Disney World


A viral Facebook post decrying “childless millennials” at Disney World gained massive attention on Twitter this weekend, but its message is inherently flawed.

It’s the rant heard around the world (or, at least, the Twittersphere). Last week, a screenshot started circulating on Twitter, showcasing a rant from a mommy Facebook group. The targets? What the writer calls “childless millennials.” This angry mother took to the internet to express her intense disdain for young couples going to Disney World without kids, and needless to say, Twitter went crazy.

You can read what the mom in question had to say here:

Millennial Twitter users immediatley came to their own defense, and they were quick to point out the irony of the original claim, given how frequently millennials have been accused by older generations of “killing” certain trends or activities.

One person even claimed that, if millennials weren’t going to Disney, they’d still be under fire:

However, the conversation didn’t end there. While many users were content with just getting a laugh from a viral tweet, many also began to address the ridiculousness of the claim itself. Disney World is almost universally cited as the vacation destination for young familes, but just because you see tons of kids in strollers there, it doesn’t mean it’s only for families.

One response even pointed out that Walt Disney wanted to create something everyone would enjoy:

As pointed out by the above user, part of Walt Disney’s mission in creating Disneyland was to encourage guests to have fun and let their imaginations run wild — no matter their age. In the words of Walt himself, “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And Dreams are forever.”

If a quote from the big man himself isn’t enough to convince you that Disney World isn’t just for kids, there were also many users who touched on the fact that, when it first opened, part of Disneyland’s marketing campaign was to market the parks as the perfect placed for a couples.

This Twitter user pointed to an old poster advertising “Date Nite” at Disney:

But in the spirit of Walt Disney, we’re firm believers that no matter how old you are, you’re never the wrong age to put on a pair of ears, chow down on a mickey-shaped pretzel, and have a blast at Disney World (children nonwithstanding).

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Do you think Disney World is meant for more than just families with children? Do you visit Disney even without kids? Sound off in the comments below.