7 reasons why Walt Disney World is magical at every age


Walt Disney World magic doesn’t come with an age requirement. Young, old, families, singles, elderly and even millennials all need a little pixie dust.

Do you remember your first Walt Disney World visit? For some people, that first time seeing Mickey happened at a young age. Other people experience Disney through the eyes of their children. And, many people experience it with a group of friends. If everyone has can have a magical Disney experience, why is there so much ranting about millennials versus families at Disney World?

Unless you have been off social media recently, everyone has seemed to comment on the current theme park controversy. One mom strongly voiced her opinion that childless millennials need to stay home. While everyone is entitled with their opinion, this idea seems quite short sided. Why can’t everyone enjoy Disney World?

In truth, everyone probably has a Disney Parks story that maybe isn’t so magical. It could be that someone in a scooter ran over your foot during last year’s Epcot Food and Wine trying to get another mimosa. Maybe it is how your son managed to sit in chocolate and have brown marks on the back of his khaki shorts all day long. Or, could it be that time when you think you have the perfect girls weekend birthday celebration planned only to have a hurricane arrive.

Now, these scenarios could be true or could relatable to some people. But, even those not so perfect moments make for some memorable Disney stories. And, they wouldn’t have happened if everyone wasn’t welcomed at Walt Disney World.

Before tackling this list of reasons why Walt Disney World is magical at every age, a bigger concept is at the heart of this controversy. At a theme park, especially a Disney theme park, everyone is welcome.

Tall, short, young, old, male, female, families, childless, married, single, locals and tourists are all part of the great melting pot that is a theme park. That diversity is part of the whole experience and should be celebrated.

Anyone who has visited Disney recently can attest it is a celebration of all people. While waiting in line you might hear three different languages, meet someone who lived in your home town and see grandma celebrating her 75 birthday. Again, the inclusiveness of the experience is what makes it magical.

With the thought of inclusiveness, here seven reasons why Walt Disney World is magical at any age.

Disney grows with you

Disney, and its many characters, are part of the cultural collective. One mouse built an empire that is instantly recognizable. While these characters were part of childhood, people want that feeling of wonder and happiness to be with them forever.

From the 4 year old princess standing in front of Cinderella’s Castle to the 80 year old grandma smiling as the fireworks explode over that same building during the nighttime finale, Disney World never gets old. The person experiencing it just sees it a little differently.

Celebrate your retirement at Disney

Have you noticed that there are tons of retirees at Disney? Now some people say it is because they are spending the kids’ inheritance, but there is a secret. Retirees can finally have some unfettered fun.

At a certain age, people can finally do what they want, when they want it. So what if they want to have ice cream at 10 a.m. or a cocktail before noon. It is finally their time to enjoy life and Disney is one of the best places to do it.

Disney is great for family reunions

If you have been to Disney Parks, you will have seen family reunion t-shirts everywhere. While some t-shirt phrases might be more creative than others, family reunions at Disney can be quite enjoyable.

This type of experience for a big family gathering is perfect because it keeps people entertained. There is nothing worse than being stuck at Aunt Edna’s house with nothing to do for a couple of days. Wouldn’t you rather see Aunt Edna silly face as she drops in Tower of Terror?

Whether the group stays together for the whole day or people split off into smaller groups periodically, it is a collective memory that everyone can appreciate. Plus, all those family photos are more fun than trying to stage that picture on the beach.

Weddings at Disney are like a fairy tale

Many girls have dreamt of being a princess on their wedding day. At Disney, every bride is the ultimate princess. While she might not have a glass slipper, you can have a beautiful castle in your wedding photos.

Since Disney service is top notch, it is the ultimate dream wedding. The bride doesn’t have to worry about a cake disaster or other mishap. On this special day, the bride is treated like a queen.

Drinking around the world is the ultimate 21 birthday celebration

Who needs Vegas when Epcot offers drinking around the world? Whether you agree or disagree, some people enjoy tossing back a few cocktails on or around their 21st birthday. Epcot is the perfect place to toast to your special day.

Although drinking one cocktail, beer or wine in every country might not be advised for everyone, you could make another game of it. Pick a food at one country and a cocktail at another.

Also, everyone wishes you a happy birthday when you have a birthday pin, ears or some statement that it’s your birthday. Plus, someone might buy you a birthday treat.

Field trips at Disney are better than any museum

For kids growing up in Florida, theme park visits are a little more common than other school age children. Locals understand that at certain times of the year, field trip groups take over the parks. But, these experiences can be filled with lots of learning, too.

While Disney is filled with fun adventures, you can learn some important information. The Animal Kingdom is filled with learning opportunities. Epcot has cultural opportunities, too.
Plus, these field trips can be a good learning experience for the real world. Watching parents lose their patience is always a friendly reminder to be nice to mom and dad.

First birthdays with Mickey

Many people love seeing that 1 year old kid who smashes that birthday cake into cake mush. What if that first birthday was spent with Mickey and all his friends instead?

Now, the child might not remember those first birthday memories, but the parents will. And, the first birthday party is more about the parents than the child. Just think of the stories that you can tell for year to come.

While these few examples aren’t life shattering, it is time for everyone to take a step back on this theme park debate. Whether you are one or 101, you deserve the right to enjoy your day in a magical, fantasy world. As long as you aren’t running over someone’s foot with your scooter or dumping a soda over someone’s head, isn’t it time for everyone to enjoy their own happiness free from judgment.

Yes, you can find me at a Disney theme park with my kids, with my girlfriends, on a date with my husband and even all by myself. And each and every time, that Disney magic makes the daily stresses and the uncertainty of today’s tumultuous world seem a little more tolerable.

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