I never got into Pokemon GO, but Harry Potter’s Wizards Unite is another story


Pokemon GO wasn’t my thing, but Harry Potter Wizards Unite is another story. I always wanted to be part of the wizarding world, after all.

Though Pokemon GO has been around for a while, and though it’s undoubtedly fun, and the actual Pokemon are – as evidenced by Detective Pikachu – kind of adorable, I never felt the need to download the game, much less figure out its intricacies.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been a games person. I grew up the youngest of my group of cousins, and I was often relegated to cheerleader when it came to video games or handed a controller that wasn’t even plugged in, so of course, I never learned to play anything, not even Mario Bros.

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As an adult, I just never tried to get into it again. There’s a certain nostalgia to video games that has a lot to do with your childhood, and since I was free of that association, there just wasn’t anything in it for me.

Enter Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Remember the word I used before? Nostalgia. Well, that’s why I – and likely about ninety percent of the people playing now – even gave this a try. This isn’t about playing a game for us, no. It’s about playing a Harry Potter game.


I grew up on Harry Potter. In fact, I often feel like I literally grew up with him, as I was the same age as Harry for most of the saga. I too wanted to attend Hogwarts, and learn how to brew potions, and grow up to help the Ministry of Magic.

And this is my chance!

So yes, the game has the same attractions as Pokemon Go. It’s fun, engaging, and it’ll get you outside moving, as you and your friends battle the same foes Harry did. But more importantly, the game will actually make you feel like, even for an instant, you’re part of the fictional world of Harry Potter.

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That’s what makes it special.