Swamp Thing episode 6 preview: Revelations and transformations

Swamp Thing episode 6, “The Price You Pay,” is on the horizon. Last week gave us a lot of insight on certain characters, but the backstories and revelations aren’t over just yet.

Last week gave us a new level of expectations. And yes, we’re talking about the kick-butt action from the women on Swamp Thing. We can expect from perfectly-timed fight scenes and even more drama. Given the nature of the swamp, the ominous title, and a lot of context clues, “The Price You Pay” will focus on a new origin story — this time for the Floronic Man.

Ending with an unconscious Dan Cassidy who got in the way when he was attempting to be heroic, this week will likely give us an update on his wellbeing. Thanks to some expected flashbacks and some insight on his devilishly blue suit, we’ll hopefully learn more about the Blue Devil. However, we’ll more likely see Woodrue’s transformation into his notable villainous form.

The DC Universe series has been easing us into Woodrue’s innate evil demeanor. However, he hasn’t transformed into a villain just yet. Sure, dumping accelerants, polluting the swamp, and just generally being a corrupt scientist is somewhat villainous. But he hasn’t committed to the nefarious role just yet.

Considering that Avery is amplifying his intimidation methods (e.g., hiring a couple of men to scare and fight Liz late at night), we can assume he’s growing even more restless for results. Meaning, he’ll probably press Woodrue to find a cure for the green plague. Perhaps he’ll give him an ultimatum.

Not using the most ethical practice, Woodrue will likely use some extreme experimentation to try and expedite his results. Since the first five Swamp Thing episodes already cloaked the plot with a lot of foreshadowing, this could be the episode we finally see Woodrue turn into a Floro foe.

The lingering revelation regarding Matt Cable’s homicide will only add more tension to the growing list of horrifying villains on the series. Poor Swamp Thing/Alec Holland, he’s already had to deal with Darkness, the Rot, and Shawna, now he’ll have to face off against Matt and the Floronic Man. Though the date of that official battle is still TBD… after all, Woodrue is just a human-based jerk for now.

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Maybe the Phantom Stranger will step up and do more than just mentor Swamp Thing in the inevitable fight scenes. Okay, that’s unlikely, but we can hope.

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