Stranger Things introduces Mayor Kline’s public persona in new teaser


If the emphasis being placed on it is any indication, things will come to a head at the Fun Fair in Hawkins during Stranger Things 3.

Between the Starcourt Mall and the Fun Fair, Stranger Things 3 will change the face of Hawkins as we know it (even if one of those things is a little more temporary than the other). Mayor Kline’s name is visible in the final trailer — as is the back of his head — but Netflix’s teaser released today is the best look we’ve gotten at him so far.

And the look tells us quite a bit despite only being 31 seconds long.

Check it out below:

Don’t worry about that glitch in the middle. We’re sure it’s just a relic of the ’80s technology. It’s absolutely fine. (It’s absolutely not fine, but if you don’t know that Stranger Things loves itself some horror as this third season approaches, then there are some more things that need to be addressed.)

Anyway, back to Mayor Kline. Note how his name is all over this? He might be a mundane threat (so far as we know), but he’s a savvy one. That’s not really something that we’ve dealt with before as far as human antagonists go. Billy is a bully; Dr. Brenner is brilliant and manipulative; Sam Owens is more in that vein. But Kline looks like he could be petty in his savvy moves, like making his voters happy with this new Fun Fair while slapping his name on it.

What seems like the real question is what may happen at the Fun Fair as opposed to the mall, which we know from that final trailer is going to be the site of some setpieces. Will the Mind Flayer knock down the Ferris wheel? Or maybe it’ll be a place to have some character development between characters like Mike and Eleven.

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We’ll get to find out what the Fun Fair will really mean come July 4 — 2019, not 1985 — and it’ll be a little earlier than the operating hours of Hawkins’ fair. Will it really be “fun fun fun”? Hopefully, right?