How to steal Sophie Turner’s Net-a-Porter looks

We might not have the same budget as Sophie Turner, but that won’t stop us from trying to replicate her celebrity style, especially after her stunning Net-a-Porter photoshoot.

We’re grateful that Sophie Turner stepped on our necks with her Net-a-Porter photoshoot and captivated us with her critical accompanying interview. Now that you’ve thoroughly gathered yourself and collected your emotions, you’re probably bewildered by her outfits. Don’t worry. We have some quick dupes for Sophie Turner’s now-iconic looks.

If you’re at the same stage as some of us, you’ve already fully grieved the searched process from all the Net-a-Porter official outfits. Namely, the price tags you conjured up from that search. Or maybe you just publicly shamed your budget. Either way, we feel you, and we’ve got you covered with a few imperfect look-a-likes.

While we’d love to attempt to create even more affordable copycats for Turner’s entire Net-a-Porter lookbook, we’re just focusing on the buttondown looks. Why? Because we’re positively biased toward anything with buttons and a collar.

The off-white pantsuit combo

The off-white pantsuit combo in this cheaper alternative has more of a pink undertone than Sophie’s yellow undertone attire. With a pair of short mule pumps, a slightly shiny collared blouse, and a lengthy faux off-white trench coat, it’s still a worthy dupe. Though Turner’s trousers, blazer, and button-down undershirt are a part of a trio set, our alternative options don’t all match in one neat packaged deal. But they do give us the same structured aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a similar texture in your look, the ASOS tailored pants and matching blazer might not be perfect for you. Thankfully, Dillard’s has a relatively cheap lightly textured blazer jacket and pants duo. Of course, we suggest you pair your alternate pantsuit with some pale pink pumps and a glossy beige trench coat.

Off-white ensemble

For whatever reason, we can’t stop thinking about this off-white ensemble. Nonetheless, we’re justified in our fashion fixation. We’re just thankful that Dillard’s Preston and York trouser and matching suit jacket deliver the same impact.

With the pointed mule heels and the dimension of Calvin Klein’s pleated blouse, these white alternatives still add some contrast to the white-adjacent theme.

Overcoat look

Listen: We know our version of this outerwear doesn’t quite capture the exact length, pattern, or the essence of Turner’s overcoat. However, the Net-a-Porter coat was several hundred dollars, and the closest match we found made us fall in love instantly… But that Giuliva Heritage Collection coat was just under two grand. We’re just as disappointed as you.

Regardless, we’re almost positive that Sophie Turner is wearing the same off-white pantsuit combo from earlier in her photoshoot. However, there’s no fun in reusing the same dupes. Instead, we went with a simple white jumpsuit. Though if you’d prefer a more monochromatic palette with some asymmetry, we’d suggest this tan jumpsuit instead.

If you zoom into Turner’s shoes, you’ll notice that they have some crocodile print embellished on them. In an effort to replicate that same movement, as well as the same form of the shoes themselves, we recommend these blocky Michael Kors thong sandals. You know, with the iconic MK logo printed across them instead of faux-crocodile scales.

Button-up shirt and high-waist shorts

The collared button-up shirt and high-waist shorts look allowed us to be a bit more imaginative. Seeing as we can’t see what shoes are paired with it, we’d say this chunky open-toed mule sandal would suit the satin shirt perfectly. Roll up the sleeves and with a statement piece like a vibrant snake-print fanny pack, and you’re set for a casual day out.

Even if these comparative looks weren’t exactly the look-a-likes you were imagining, we hope they’ll inspire you to create your own versions of Sophie Turner’s photoshoot. These simple aesthetics make these outfits immensely versatile, from streetwear to office attire, and that’s honestly why we’re so drawn to them.

Heck, if you’re using this celebrity fashion inspo to update your wardrobe, you might as well use this as a reason to post new thirst trap photos in your suits, too. Because we all deserve to celebrate just how good we look!

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These alternate looks might not have the same je ne sais Sansa that Sophie Turner has, but unfortunately, we don’t have any dupes for that. After all, we can help you emulate her look but our feverish Google searches have yet to yield a way to copy her photoshoot-ready pout or her expressive energy.