New Lion King trailer features Beyoncé’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”


A new trailer for The Lion King features a new version of the iconic “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” song. The 2019 version features Beyoncé and Donald Glover.

As expected, we’re getting updated versions of old songs in the live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King. Just like Aladdin, we can expect to hear all our favorite songs remade with the cast of the new film, and you can get a taste of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” already.

A TV spot for The Lion King features a duet between Beyoncé and Donald Glover, who play adult Nala and Simba, respectively. (Of course, their younger versions are voiced by different actors.) You can tell just by the short clip alone that Beyoncé and Glover are absolutely killing the song — but then again, we wouldn’t expect any less from these two.

You can hear a snippet of the song in the clip below.

That’s one of the songs down for The Lion King’s remake. Now we’re eagerly anticipating what songs we’ll get to hear next before the movie’s released.

Honestly, we’d love to see a clip of “Hakuna Matata,” and hopefully that’s coming soon. At the end of the official trailer, Timon and Pumbaa hummed along to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” but that’s not an original song. Our lives would only be complete if we get to see the meerkat and warthog teach Simba their no-worries philosophy.

Aside from wondering when they’ll let us hear “Hakuna Matata,” the only thing left to wonder is if the original or the remake will have better songs. Already, the 2019 version has Beyoncé on its side, and that’s hard to beat. But when it comes down to nostalgia, it just may be that ’90s kids and Disney-enthusiasts will still prefer the originals. Just as Aladdin did, we may also get an original song in the new movie, too. Only time will tell if it’ll be a good addition to the classic movie or not.

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We can’t forget to mention the end of the clip teased one of the best scenes of the whole movie. As Simba looks up to the sky, we begin to see his father, Mufasa, form in the clouds — and he looks absolutely electrifying. We’re hoping more of those iconic scenes come to life beautifully when the movie opens on July 19.