Harry Potter is the story of found family


One of the biggest messages in the Harry Potter series it that family is a choice – and your friends can indeed become your family.

Father’s Day just passed and the past weekend was the perfect time to celebrate the family that you are gifted with when you are born. But not everyone is lucky enough to have the kind of family that can be celebrated, and that’s why the Harry Potter series sends an important message about family.

It basically says: family is what you choose.

Think about it, Harry’s parents loved him, yes, but they died. Aunt Petunia and Duddley were his actual blood relations, but they never behaved like family would. Sirius and Remus, who weren’t truly related did more to advise and care for Harry than his blood relations ever did.

And that’s without going into the Weasleys.

If Harry had one true family during the series, it was Ron, Hermione and, of course, the Weasleys, the people who took him in every summer, cared for him, treated him as one of their own, and most importantly, provided the one thing a kid desperately needs: love and acceptance.

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Funny how they actually became his family afterwards! The family you choose and all.

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This is an important message, especially for our day and age. Sometimes your family will be good from the outset, and if it is, you should enjoy it and be proud and happy. But if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean your life can’t be amazing, and it doesn’t mean you are destined to be alone forever.

Because family isn’t just blood, and you can find your family, just like Harry did. Family can be a choice.

Don’t give up.