Rumor: Jedi: Fallen Order will get a Star Wars comics crossover


Jedi: Fallen Order looks like it’ll get some crossovers to help establish its presence as a new part of the Star Wars canon. Here’s what’s being floated.

How big is Jedi: Fallen Order going to be when it drops in November? After the first big reveal at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, it made a big appearance at E3 courtesy of Microsoft. Those are pretty expected for a triple-A video game title like this, though, especially when it’s a sharp turn for EA’s use of the Star Wars property.

(To be fair, from what we’ve seen, Fallen Order is worth the hype.)

What’s a little less expected, though, is this new rumor via r/StarWarsLeaks, alleging that Fallen Order will have a miniseries of its own, spanning five issues. We’re using unexpected here not because it doesn’t fall directly in line with a lot of Marvel and Star Wars‘ collaborations in the space, but because this hasn’t happened for a while. Certainly Shadows of the Empire and Knights of the Old Republic had their tie-in comic series, but Star Wars Battlefront II went in the novel direction.

However, Marvel has done this more and more with Star Wars properties, and it’s been willing to produce tie-in comics to Galaxy’s Edge as well as the upcoming Alphabet Squadron with TIE Fighter. Notably, u/JediPaxis says that Fallen Order is getting “a tie-in […] (not an adaptation […])” with this series. That also falls in line with the Galaxy’s Edge and TIE Fighter comics, which are telling stories with familiar characters on Batuu and introducing the antagonists of Alphabet Squadron, respectively.

Moreover, a miniseries means that a short story can be told and then walked away from. If Fallen Order succeeds, there’s room for another miniseries (or a novel, as has been speculated on Reddit) to pick the story up. With The Rise of Skywalker hitting in December, there will likely be an appetite for any and all media related to Star Wars for adult fans and kids alike.

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The speculation is that we’ll hear more about this in a few weeks, according to u/JediPaxis, and that sounds about right — E3 will have passed, and it’s much more likely to land then. We’ll keep you posted.