The Harry Potter Series is a generation’s guide to fighting injustice


If you grew up with the Harry Potter series, chances are you took your cues about battling injustice, bigotry and oppression from its pages.

Though it’s always been true that we take our cues from entertainment, the signs that Harry Potter’s fight against Voldemort has shaped the way we think about resistance have gotten clearer since Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Maybe it’s because a vast majority of those opposing him are of the right age group to have grown up with these books. Maybe it’s because the books have gotten so big that some words and expressions are recognizable.

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Or maybe it’s just that it’s easy to look at fiction and take comfort in the idea that, eventually, things will work out.

Either way, it’s easy to see the mark the Harry Potter series has left in everything from protest signs, to t-shirts, to rallying tweets. How many times have you heard something about Dumbledore’s Army still recruiting, standing up to our friends, or the power of choices?

The ironic part, of course, is that the Harry Potter books themselves are anything but truly inclusive, and that loving them doesn’t – shouldn’t – mean we are oblivious to their faults.

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But the Harry Potter series did give us the blueprints of what we wanted to achieve, the world we wanted to create, and as fans, we have taken that lesson and improved on it. It isn’t just about the world Harry created, it’s about a kinder, more inclusive, bigger world.

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And that’s something that can hopefully, be translated into our politics, and our lives. Because, after all, the most important thing, like Dumbledore would say, is “to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.”

Do you agree?