How you can help the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride month


Happy Pride month! With the LGBTQIA+ community being front and center this June, find out how you can help the community this month, and every month after.

Everyone will be breaking out their best rainbow inspired outfits this month, showing unity and strength with their LGBTQIA+ friends and families. But if you’re looking for other ways to help, here are a few ways you can get involved and aid the LGBTQIA+ community.

LGBTQIA+ organizations you can support

True Colors United 

LGBTQIA+ youth are 120 percent more likely to experience homelessness in the USA than their non LGBTQIA+ peers. True Colors is committed to making sure services are safe for LGBTQIA+ youth, as homelessness is really a community issue.

The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project offers crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQIA+ people under the age of 25. Suicide rates for LGBTQIA+ youth trends higher than those of their non-LGBTQIA+ peers, and The Trevor Project hopes to save as many lives as possible.


GLAD works nationwide at making a just society free of bias and discrimination, based on a persons gender identity and expression, HIV status, or sexual orientation. Together we can make our communities a welcoming place for every member of our community.

Pride Foundation 

Since 1985, the Pride Foundation has helped to transform communities into being more accepting through advocacy and education. They offer grants, scholarships, and other initiatives to help those in marginalized communities.

Planned Parenthood

For decades, Planned Parenthood has helped people in the LGBTQIA+ community gain access to healthcare in a safe place. They also offer support and resources for those who need them.

Brands donating to LGBTQIA+ causes

Zenni Eyewear

Zenni Eyewear will be donating 100 percent of their sales from each Pride frame collection to the It Gets Better Project. Look stunning while helping a worthy cause!


Harry’s has released a Shave With Pride box set, where 100 percent of the profits go to The Trevor Project. For $25 you’ll get a unique handle, three German engineered blade cartridges, and a bottle of shave gel.

Under Armour

Under Armour will be donating 100 percent of their profits from their Pride collection to Athlete Ally, which strives to make communities inclusive for all athletes!

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There are lots of ways to support and help the LGBTQIA+ community this month — and every month. Let us know in the comments below how you’ll be helping!