Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are Lion Queens at Tina Knowles’ gala


In the great circle of life, there are those of us who shine above the rest. Beyoncé — on the heels of this summer’s The Lion King remake — reminds us all why she’s the Queen of Pride Rock.

Needless to say, The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. Released during the height of the Disney Renaissance era, the story follows Simba, as he journeys through life to become the king of Pride Rock — a title once owned by his father, Mufasa.

I’ve been following news of the remake since it was barely a rumor, and yes, the first trailer absolutely made me cry. The cast looks downright amazing, and I eagerly look forward to buying my 4th Lion King soundtrack.

Beyoncé, queen of the known universe, is set to play adult Nala — who should really be everyone’s favorite Disney princess. This past Saturday, Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy, went to Tina Knowles’ annual Wearable Art Gala in Santa Monica, California.

This year’s theme was “A Journey to the Pride Lands”, and honestly Beyoncé and Blue Ivy absolutely nailed it. Beyoncé wowed the crowds in a one of a kind costume made by Georges Hobeika. The costume, a one piece golden catsuit, has a lion front and center with feathers for its mane, with a matching cape.

Needless to say, she looks unbelievably stunning. Blue Ivy wore a billowy yellow asymmetrical dress with matching headpiece, reminiscent of Nala as a cub.

Blue Ivy easily stole the show with a video of her lip syncing “The Circle of Life,” as you can see in the Instagram post above.

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The Lion King arrives in theaters July 19.