15 of Disneyland’s most magical attractions you cannot miss

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Haunted Mansion

If you’re ever debating about Disneyland versus Walt Disney World and the Haunted Mansion comes up, you should know that this is the far superior version of the attraction. Originally, the Haunted Mansion was designed as a walk-through attraction much like Tarzan’s Tree House. Now, the attraction we all know and love has the Hat Box Ghost, but from Halloween through Christmas time, it gets a full Nightmare Before Christmas overlay!

Your journey into the stately Southern mansion in New Orleans Square begins with a walk around the grounds. There, you’ll see an old horse-drawn carriage, a pet cemetery, and be able to walk along the edge of the home to take a peek inside. Once invited in, you’ll enter the famous stretching room. To get to your Doom Buggy faster, stand as close as possible to the tightrope girl!

The Haunted Mansion features some of Disneyland’s most classic ride scenes like the graveyard and the Grand Ballroom with dancing ghosts. Be sure to watch out at the end for hitchhiking ghosts who want to follow you home.

This attraction does have some mildly scary moments, especially in the stretching room and the graveyard that could frighten young kids. The ride does offer FastPass and anyone can enjoy it. The lines for the classic attraction do get long so it is highly recommended to get a FastPass during the day, especially since it is not available to ride during Magic Mornings or Extra Magic Hours.