The Bold Type review: Sometimes you just have to talk it out


From recognizing true feelings, to recognizing true personality, to recognizing someone just wants to be there for you, love is a tricky business.

A text from an ex almost never comes at a good time. But for Kat and Adena, could it be the perfect time?

On the surface, it is decidedly not. Kat and Tia have found their groove and, at the end of last week, their heat as well. This week, we pick up almost right where we left them – only now, Kat has seen the text from Adena.

She’s in town for a gallery opening, and at first, it seems like she just wants to see Kat once before she leaves again. But, as Jane finds out, Adena’s in town for three weeks. Still, as hopeful as Kadena’s final moments of the episode are, what would happen when those three weeks are up?

Adena travels for weeks at a time. It’s huge that she’s figured out that Kat wasn’t actually the reason for her decrease in creativity, but the separation would still be hard for them. Kadena deserves more than just a 3-week renaissance.

Of course, this is likely one of the many things they’ll discuss on their walk through the park. The only downside to them getting back together would be what it means for Kat and Tia.

Tia – played just perfectly by Alexis Floyd – was instantly likeable. And, as Kat notes, their relationship is easy, and oh so fun. I’d be so much more willing to give up Patrick than Tia. Still, Jane and Sutton were right to tell Kat what they knew.

OT3 remains strong as ever – as does Suttard! Now, I have to say, it is getting a bit frustrating seeing them hit bumpy patches. It’s been at least three episodes in a row now. That said, I understand that this is television pacing, and that real relationships do have bumps like these.

But we’ve seen Sutton and Richard navigate moving in together, figuring out where they want to live in the future, and now the money talk, all in succession. All I’d ask for is maybe a week between each.

Nonetheless, they handle it like champions, with open communication, and one “stitch and bitch” session. On that note: please oh please bring “Ask Alex” back. Or at least make his living with Jane a bit more permanent than eight weeks.

Of course, the latter could actually become a thing. Ryan has barely been gone for his book tour, and already he and Jane are struggling to connect. Add in Alex’s suggestion about Ryan’s book being a little less than fiction, and Janestripe could be headed for trouble.

That passing remark about Madame Bovary having  an affair? Did not go unnoticed. Then again, imagine the fashion closet discussion that we’d get if Jane ends up sleeping with someone Sutton slept with too. Such glorious possibilities.

For now, Jane will just have to focus on work. She and Jacqueline are this close to breaking the Pamela Dolan story, and Jane was absolutely right; Adena was the perfect photographer for the shoot.

Now it’s just a race against time, and Pamela’s legal team.

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The Bold Type airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.