Filming for the Black Widow movie may be underway with Scarlett Johansson in Norway


Scarlett Johansson was spotted in Norway filming a scene with Natasha Romanoff’s iconic red hair. All signs point to this being filming for the Black Widow movie.

If you thought Avengers: Endgame would be the last we saw of Natasha Romanoff, think again. The OG Avengers’ death in Endgame was sad, but maybe not as bad when you know that she’s (finally) got her own solo movie on the way.

That solo movie hasn’t officially been announced by Marvel yet, but filming is already underway for the Phase Four MCU film. From Reddit to Twitter this week, there have been rumors that filming would begin in Norway, and now there’s proof, as Scarlett Johansson herself has been seen in the small Norway town where filming is taking place.

A Norwegian news site, Dagbladet, has some of the best photographs and video of Johansson on set with Natasha’s iconic red hair (you can see photos and videos here), which show her filming a small, quick scene.

From Dagbladet’s description and the photographs, Johansson’s quick scene involves her going into a local store, and coming out with a few grocery bags. The site also says there is a second scene being filmed, involving a ferry and a helicopter out at a fjord. As it seems, they’re not sure if the helicopter is a part of the scene or being used for filming.

For a Black Widow movie, these scenes aren’t ridiculously intense — no bad guys being fought or no chase scenes through the street. The calm, serene feeling the Norwegian town has seems to reflect the scenes that Johansson’s filming so far. And with everything that’s gone on in her life, Natasha could use a bit of serenity.

Obviously, because Natasha is alive and well for this movie, many still believe that this movie will be a prequel about Natasha’s life growing up as a Russian spy. Despite these first scenes being relatively uninspiring, it’s possible Natasha is on the move in Norway, getting ready to take down her next target. Everything is not what it seems, especially when it comes to Black Widow. (She had us fooled in Iron Man 2, after all.)

It’s possible, of course, that some more exciting scenes will be on the way for the movie with the working title of Blue Bayou. Just as we saw with Spider-Man: Far From Home, filming is typically a mixed bag, and the bigger, action-packed scenes will come eventually.

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With no date officially announced yet, it’s believed that Black Widow’s solo film will come out in May or November of 2020.