Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Can we stop torturing FitzSimmons, please?


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD likes to torture Fitz and Simmons’ relationship. But how many more times do we really need to see them torn apart?

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD really does love to throw the universe at FitzSimmons. It’s an easy well to keep going back to, as they’re the only relationship left on the show that still has some emotional gravitas.

But this week’s episode really felt like enough is enough. In the last few seconds of the episode, Simmons stumbles into a room while Fitz comes out amidst the explosion. They’re both too shocked to say or do much of anything. We get to see the love on their faces—and then Fitz gets teleported away by a Chronicom.

The emotions that dance across Simmons’ face in the moments that follow are enough to make you cry. It’s heartbreaking and moving, and I’ve had enough.

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We have been through it all with FitzSimmons during Agents of SHIELD’s run, from the one-sided love affair in the first season to brain-damaged Fitz to literal worlds between them.

And let’s not even get into everything in the Framework where Fitz is the head of Hydra and Simmons is dead.

But it all works out in the end—otherwise we wouldn’t have Deke (barring any crazy time travel things that might happen, but that’s a completely different rabbit hole). They did get married last season, at the very least.

The second episode of this season already had its “just missed you!” moment for these two, as Fitz teleported their ship away just as Daisy, Simmons, and crew arrived. So why does Agents of SHIELD feel the need to end the next episode in the same exact way?

Again, it’s an easy emotional well to dip into whenever it’s needed. But fans have been through this scenario already. Multiple times.

We have two more seasons of Agents of SHIELD, as next season is already guaranteed. With this season only running for a truncated 13 episodes, one would hope Fitz and Simmons will be reunited by the end of this next episode.

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But we’ll see what else the Marvel universe—and its writers—can throw at our nerdy couple.