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Game of Thrones fans won’t be seeing any more of our favorite characters or storylines, but they can still tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at season eight by watching HBO’s documentary, The Last Watch, this Sunday.

Game of Thrones may have come to an end last week, but fans still have one more Sunday to spend with the people and places of Westeros before we officially need to find something new to do on Sunday nights. While we sadly won’t be seeing any more from our favorite characters and storylines, viewers will get a two-hour, behind-the-scenes look at the making of season eight by watching HBO’s documentary, The Last Watch. 

The Last Watch will chronicle the final days on set for the cast and crew members of the series, as well as their last table read. It’ll get into the making of the Battle of Winterfell—a massive undertaking—along with the challenges that went into filming this final season. It’ll also focus on how the cast and crew were able to say farewell to such a major production, especially after working on it for so many years.

Judging by the official trailer for the The Last Watch, as well as the photos that HBO released, it’s going to be an emotional documentary.

Watch the preview for The Last Watch here:

With any luck, the feature will also offer fans some insight into the thinking that went into the show’s final season, which was greeted with some controversial opinions from fans. No matter what your stance on the conclusion is, it’ll be interesting to hear the perspectives of those who put the whole thing together. It’s also possible the showrunners will answer some of the major questions fans were left with after watching the finale.

Here’s how viewers can tune in for The Last Watch: 

"Date: Sunday, May 26Time: 9 p.m.Documentary: The Last WatchTV Channel: HBOLive Stream: Watch on HBO and HBO Go, as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime."

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