Doom Patrol season finale preview: The end is nigh


The Doom Patrol season finale is almost here, and it pays homage to the team’s journey to becoming a pseudo-official superhero team.

This is the worst week ever. We’re excited to scroll through everyone’s opinions, screenshots, and emotional tweets after the Doom Patrol season finale this Friday. However, this is also a bittersweet week because we know we’re going to have to socialize with people and find new hobbies now once Doom Patrol goes on hiatus until (hopefully) next season. With such a big week, episode 15 redirects us to the weird animals of the universe and the ultimate fight against villains and heroes.

In the penultimate episode, Mr. Nobody finally got to check off his Doom Patrol season 1 checklist items because all he wanted was to see the dysfunctional family become a somewhat unified heroic team. Now, the series is giving us what we want: quality screen time for all the weird animals across the DC Universe diverse dimensions.

From Admiral Whiskers, Frances the leaping alligator, the farting donkey doorway, and the cat who’s also a Bureau of Normalcy agent, wildlife is an integral part of the show… even if all the cute critters aren’t always cute or technically Earthly critters (or at least they’re not from our Earth, per say).

In theme with the season-exiting-bang, the apocalyptic-fanatic cockroach, Ezekiel, finally gets a chance to shine in his titular episode. And, it’s only fitting that the cockroach that clings to the promise of the end of times would be the focus of the end of the first Doom Patrol chapter.

Okay, Ezekiel isn’t actually featured in the teaser, but his name is in the title and we don’t think that’s coincidental. Given that he’s so tiny, we could’ve overlooked his cameo though. Regardless, the trailer meshes together clips from the team’s journey to superhero status, as well as some new clips that mirror those weirdly perfect episodic excursions.

Beyond basically being an ode to the team’s heroism and accepting their roles as superheroes, the season finale gives us a second round to the Doom Patrol vs. Mr. Nobody. Honestly, we agree with Cliff. Someone should text Batman. We already know he exists in the Doom Patrol Universe. Normally, we would find comfort in the fact that heroes always wind and that season-long journey come to some sort of a resolution, but the DCU is full of a lot of weird variables and we’re def still scared of Nobody.

It would be anti-climactic for the Doom Patrol not to rescue the Chief from Mr. Nobody, right? After all, that was their primary motivation for this entire season. However, we should always expect the least expected for this team of underqualified superheroes (and Cyborg).

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While Swamp Thing will keep us occupied next week and we’re already enraptured by the Green, we’re proactively crying about the “Ezekiel Patrol.” Can you blame us though? After decades of comics, we’ve grown even more attached to the on-screen team, and we’re just emotional.