The Bold Type season 3 episode 7 live stream: Watch online


After a successful TBT, it’s time to get back to the present timeline. And for Kat, the present isn’t all that great this week.

Have we settled on a ship name for Kat and Tia yet? Kia? Tat?

Either way, the two ladies are quickly become a power pairing. Last week, Tia owned up to her feelings toward Kat, and for girls in general. With that resolved, she’s officially back on board as Kat’s campaign manager, ready to make Kat Edison a household name in the district.

Unfortunately, not every household is so welcoming. Here’s what’s going on, according to Freeform’s official synopsis:

"When Kat faces racial profiling while canvassing for office, she is tempted to call the woman out on social media in order to find justice. Sutton realizes that Richard is keeping something from her. Meanwhile, Jane and Jacqueline make headway on the workplace harassment investigation."

Note the words: “she is tempted.”

Social media is a natural instinct for Kat. It’s what she used when Adena was detained, and what she used to get through their later break-up. But running for public office makes that a bit harder. It’ll be a true test for Kat to resist posting.

Meanwhile, Richard is keeping another secret? After the whole Connecticut thing, you’d think he’d have learned better by now. Then again, perhaps it’s a good secret, like a surprise for Sutton. Richard is surprisingly unpredictable.

As for Jane, this week could be pivotal. Having talked to the last person on Ingrid’s list last week, Jane’s options – and hope for this exposé – were pretty slim.

But Pamela Dolan has just landed a huge, game-changing contract. It could be exactly the thing that would inspire someone on that list to stop her before she gets even more powerful. (It’s weird that Pamela Dolan has almost a supervillain feel to her, isn’t it?)

Here’s how you can watch The Bold Type this week:

"Date: Tuesday, May 21Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “Mixed Messages”TV Channel: FreeformLive Stream: You can watch on Freeform’s website or app."

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The Bold Type airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.