10 best animated films from the Disney Renaissance

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10. The Rescuers Down Under

Rescuers Down Under is definitely one of Disney’s forgotten films from this period. Released in 1990, it was the least highest-grossing film during the Renaissance, making $27.9 million. It probably didn’t help that it was a sequel from a movie made in the ’70s. The first film, The Rescuers came out in 1977 and was based on the novels of the same name. The long period between when the films came out most likely affected the box office.

The film is about the Rescue Aid Society (RAS), an international mouse organization inside the UN. They help those in need; in this film, they are out to help Cody, a nine-year-old boy who has been abducted by poachers looking for his bird friend, Marahute. A mouse that Cody once freed learns of the abduction and contacts the RAS.

The RAS responds to the call by sending their best agents, Miss Bianca and Bernard. They must go to Australia to rescue the boy. Once they get there, they contact the local RAS agent, Jake the Kangaroo Rat, and together they go on their mission to save Cody, stop the poachers, and keep Marahute from being captured as well.

This is by far one of Disney’s best sequels. It takes the best parts of the original and creates a whole new story for those characters to work with. It probably didn’t hurt that the story was already laid out in the books too.

The Rescuers Down Under starred Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor (in her last film), John Candy, George C. Scott, and Adam Ryan.