The Bold Type season 3 episode 6 live stream: Watch online


Kat, Jane and Sutton have always been bold. But what were days like before they had each other? This week, we’re going to find out.

It’s hard to imagine the ladies of The Bold Type as anything but our OT3. But there was a time where Kat, Jane and Sutton didn’t know each other. They were just three interns at Scarlet Magazine.

Fans have been hoping since season one that we’d eventually get to see how our girls met and became the unstoppable trio that they are. This week, Freeform is obliging, with an entire episode. Fittingly titled “#TBT,” here’s the episode synopsis:

"The Scarlet email hack brings up memories of the trio’s first meeting four years ago, reminding them that together they can overcome anything."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give much insight into what the aftermath of this hack will be.  All we know is that Scarlet likely failed to pay the ransom. The hackers threatened to release every email on the Scarlet server, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

But, thanks to the episode’s promo, we do know that Jacqueline is one of the first targets of the hackers. In case you haven’t seen it, or just want to rewatch once more before the episode:

It does appear that we’ll get to see the trio’s first fashion closet pow-wow though! The topic at hand: Jane maybe poisoned a major advertiser? Not the best start for her.

As for Sutton, this episode could be an excellent push forward for her designing dreams. She has mentioned that those began long before Scarlet; perhaps on her first day, she’s still the wide-eyed dreamer.

Kat has pink in her hair, which has to mean something. But we’ll hold off on discussing that until after the episode. The bigger highlight is that four years ago, she was not the head of social. Who was her boss? How did she become the boss?

Here’s how you can watch The Bold Type this week:

"Date: Tuesday, May 14Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “#TBT”TV Channel: FreeformLive Stream: You can watch on Freeform’s website or app."

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The Bold Type airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.