15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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11. Roxanne and Max Goof

This might be one of the most overlooked and underrated pairings in the Disney universe, and it certainly doesn’t deserve to be. A Goofy Movie just celebrated its 24th anniversary on April 7, 2019, and it’s time to look back on just how great Roxanne and Max were.

It might seem odd, calling them a great pairing, yet ranking them in the bottom five of this list. They would be higher, if it weren’t for two things. The first one is their age.

Teenage love is adorable, and oftentimes incredibly strong. But it’s also impossible to predict. No matter how good a couple Roxanne and Max were, there’s no way of knowing if it would last. She didn’t appear in An Extremely Goofy Movie, in which Max headed off to college, which indicates that maybe it was just a high school fling.

And in high school, immaturity is a real concern. That brings us to the next problem with Max and Roxanne: Max’s lie.

When Goofy ropes his son into a mandatory father-son camping trip, Max is less than thrilled, like any high school boy might be. He’s embarrassed by his dad, and hates that he has to cancel his date with Roxanne because of Goofy, so he lies to her.

Max tells Roxanne that he’s going to the Powerline concert in L.A., and even goes so far as to promise that he’ll be on stage dancing, and will wave to her.

It’s a promise that’s nearly impossible to fulfill, and yet he went with it anyway. That doesn’t bode well for their future.