15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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15. Jane and Tarzan

As Disney soundtracks go, Tarzan absolutely has one of the strongest. Phil Collins crafted one of the most iconic love songs ever with “You’ll Be In My Heart.” Ironically, it wasn’t meant to be a romantic love song; it was meant to represent the love between Tarzan and his mother, Kala.

The actual romantic storyline between Jane and Tarzan may be just as tender, but it isn’t nearly as deep. As heartbreaking as it is, these two definitely wouldn’t work out in real life.

Jane is a prim and polished woman from Britain. Tarzan was literally raised by apes. It’s easy to believe that opposites attract, and sure, their physical attraction is totally plausible. Tarzan grew up swinging through the trees, hunting to survive, and fighting off leopards with his bare hands. The man is ripped, and he only wears a loincloth. (Then again, he also cleaned up well in a suit).

But the odds of Jane actually trusting him upon first meeting are slim, even if he did save her. If she did, her curiosity would kick in and Jane would want to study him. There’s a reason why the song assigned to Tarzan and Jane was “Strangers Like Me.” It’s all about their curiosity toward each other.

Educating him on human ways wouldn’t be easy, and Tarzan certainly wouldn’t understand romantic love. At the very least, it would take him awhile to learn. In the end, they’re just too different, and neither would leave their entire world behind like they did in the movie.