15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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1. Ellie and Carl

No couple can ever dethrone Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but Carl and Ellie Fredricksen came scarily close in UP.

“Married Life” is one of the sweetest scores to come from the mastermind that is Michael Giacchino, and the accompanying scene just rips your heart out. It encapsulates Carl and Ellie’s entire journey together, from the highest highs to lowest lows.

That montage is all we need to see how perfect Carl and Ellie are in life. From adventuring together to handling financial hurdles to coping with huge loss, they’re each other’s team. There’s nothing they can’t beat.

These first few minutes are the only time we see Ellie in the movie, and yet, she remains a presence throughout the film, and as such, so does their bond. Carl is determined to keep his promise of getting their house to Paradise Falls. He’s determined almost to a fault.

Once the idea strikes to use the balloon cart method to get the house off the ground, Carl is more than happy to leave everyone behind, because unfortunately, without Ellie, he’s also become a pretty grumpy old man.

Russell, Dug and Kevin are nothing but nuisances to Carl – until Ellie helps him out. When Carl discovers her final message to him, our hearts are ripped out all over again, but he’s rejuvenated. He knows that Ellie would have loved the idea of mentoring Russell; it’s an entirely different kind of adventure.

From childhood to old age, Carl and Ellie are the dream. Mickey and Minnie would be so proud.

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