Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty lets the Wookiee shine


Smuggler’s Bounty’s Wookiee-themed box is probably the best since Amazon took over, because it actually has some substantial items.

If anything, this latest iteration of the Smuggler’s Bounty box is an improvement over the last box for a number of reasons. First, it was shipped and arrived quickly; second, it had better, more useful items than some previous boxes.

This month’s theme was all about the Wookiee, although that means in practice that it’s a Chewbacca box with one thing thrown in for a surprise to make sure that it really is a Wookiee box.

That surprise item is where we’ll start, as it’s also the Mystery Mini for this box.

Smuggler’s Bounty Captain Merumeru Mystery Mini. Image: C Wassenaar; Smuggler’s Bounty via Funko/Lucasfilm

Merumeru is the deepest cut of the four items in the box. However, the build quality and detail is such that even though you might be hard-pressed to remember his name, he looks pretty fierce on a desk. (For reference, he appears in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on Kashyyyk with Yoda.) It’s more in line with Yoda from the Dagobah box in terms of accuracy over the Jabba the Hutt from Jabba’s Skiff.

Smuggler’s Bounty Chewbacca pint glass. Image: C. Wassenaar; Smuggler’s Bounty via Funko/Lucasfilm

See what we mean about substantial items? This pint glass is pretty hefty and well-made, although we’re not sure it needed to be labeled with Chewbacca’s name. He’s a pretty recognizable Wookiee, and the Porg should confirm it. (Check out the nice miniature Millennium Falcon off to the side!)

Smuggler’s Bounty Wookiee T-shirt. Image by C. Wassenaar; Smuggler’s Bounty via Funko/Lucasfilm

It has been a minute since Smuggler’s Bounty has given out a T-shirt in its box, but showing Chewie with his dejarik board is a great choice for the return. It’s a well-made shirt, if perhaps a little childish for a box aimed at adults. (Other ones, like the dramatic “I will finish what you started” shirt from the Sith box, seem much more grown-up.)

The prerequisite Pop! included in the box is another deep cut of sorts, although it features Chewbacca again. We’ll let you take a look before we fill you in.

Smuggler’s Bounty Wookiee box Chewbacca Pop! Image: C. Wassenaar. Smugglery’s Bounty via Funko/Lucasfilm

This actually comes from a scene in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. After Han pilots the Falcon into an asteroid field, he hides the ship briefly in what everyone thinks is a cave. (It is not a cave, unfortunately: it’s the mouth of a space slug.) Anyway, when mynocks start chewing at the ship, Chewie and the others put masks on and go out to handle things. That’s where this comes from. There’s actually some really great detail in the apparatus, which is actually flexible and is made of a different plastic.

Granted, this box of “bounty” doesn’t live up to some of the greater boxes of times past, like the 40th Anniversary box, which made up for its relative lack of items by putting a showstopper in. However, it’s tough to complain about a T-shirt, a Pop!, and a pint glass.

Want to see these items in action? Here’s our unboxing:

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Next up for a theme is Darth Vader, coming out at the end of June.