Frame your face right by following these easy eyebrow-shaping tips


When it comes to beauty and makeup, eyebrows are an often overlooked item, but they can truly be the frame of your face.

When you look at a picture, one of the first things that you usually notice is the frame. It is what surrounds the picture, accents it and helps to present it. In beauty and makeup, when looking at the face, your eyebrows are the frame.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Your hair is what frames your face, not your eyebrows.” And usually, you’d be correct. However, in the world of makeup, your eyebrows are the first thing that is seen when looking at the face.

The length of them, the fullness of them and the shape of them all can help frame your face to make your makeup look its best and help to best complement your features. Whether you start with your eyebrows first or finish them after the rest of your makeup is really up to you. But I’ve found that if I start with my eyebrows first, I am able to make better makeup choices.

Filling them in

Now, when you are filling in your eyebrows, you don’t want them to be too harsh. Don’t get me wrong, you can have a brow that naturally looks harsh and it still looks nice, but you really don’t want to have a harsh brow and it not be framed correctly.

Framing them correctly will help to give them that natural look without making them look fake. You want them to look natural but have some structure to them. Usually when you are trying to keep them looking natural but are using products to do so, it’s all in the technique.

Using an eyebrow pencil is one of the most popular methods in the makeup industry, but there have been other products made to achieve a perfected brow. Whether you are using the popular method of an eyebrow pencil or a pomade with a brush, you will get your desired look.

Light pressure and hair like strokes will give the appearance of hair in places that you may not have enough eyebrow hairs. You want to make sure to have it darker towards the tail of the brow as that makes it look elongated and more tailored. Be sure not to let it get too dark as this can give the appearance of it looking fake or unnatural. You want it to be dark enough to be defined but not so dark that you lose your actual brows.

As you are going toward the front of the brow you want to go lighter, almost like an ombre effect. This will help you achieve a more natural look but still give a tailored brow.

Finding your shape

When using your eyebrow pencil, you can use the structure of your face to measure where you will start your brow and where to end it.

  • Take your pencil and hold it to the side of your nose as demonstrated in the video from Glamour below. This positioning will point to the natural front or start of your brow.
  • Then, move your pencil until it reaches the outer corner of your eye as. This will be the natural tail of your brow, where it ends.
  • Finally, you will take your pencil and move it until it reaches the outer edge of your pupil. This will be the natural arch of your brow.

The reason for doing this technique is to find your natural brow structure. Everyone has a different face shape, and everyone has different eye shapes. You can’t base your eyebrows on someone who doesn’t have the same face as you. So in using this technique, you ensure that you are going to get the best brow possible for your face.

You can also just use a brow gel to give fullness to your brow if you are not looking to give it shape but are looking for more fullness. This will help you achieve a full brow and even if its not perfectly tailored, it will still give the desired frame to your face.

Using both of these techniques together will make your brows unstoppable. They’ll give you the desired shape and fullness you want for your eyebrows, and this is where you get to choose how you want to frame your face and the look you are going for.

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Makeup is supposed to be fun and all about showing off your personality and accenting your features. There are no rules in makeup but the tips and tricks given make the difference between a good makeup day and a bad makeup day.