Powerhouse Lizzo is your new nerdy role model


If you don’t know who Lizzo is, sit back, buckle up, and get ready to meet your new nerdy role model.

Lizzo, the 31-year-old powerhouse singer, is nothing short of incredible. She’s nerdy, she’s fun, and she’s just downright sexy.

In her latest interview with V magazine, she opens up to Sam Smith about her love for the LBGTQ+ community, her unwavering work ethic — which was instilled in her at a young age — and how she never changed who she was for anyone. If you’re new to the world of Lizzo, get ready for one of this years hottest talents, and someone you’ll absolutely want to geek out with.

“I never stopped doing what I loved. I never stopped watching Sailor Moon because I got made fun of [for it]. And now being a nerd is hot,” Lizzo tells Smith and V magazine.

She’s absolutely right. Being a nerd is one of the best things you can be, and it’s one of the things she loves the most about herself.

“My third favorite thing about myself is my nerdiness,” she adds. “I was teased like a dog for wanting to be intelligent, for reading, for talking the way I do. But I didn’t dumb myself down just to be accepted.”

Her recent performance at Coachella was nothing short of epic, and showed people everywhere that confidence is the sexiest thing a person can own. Her size isn’t important, though it is a part of her.

But the key to being a powerful, beautiful role model? It’s simple:

“I just need to be undeniable,” Lizzo says. “It’s not about me being big. It’s about me being me.”

One thing that stands out in this interview is Lizzo’s desire for people to feel included. Let’s be real, being a marginalized person is rough. No one ever wants to feel left out, and Lizzo is ready to fight for all marginalized people. It’s no wonder she’s an LBGTQ+ icon. She just wants everyone to feel loved and included.

"I have felt excluded my entire life, from so many things. I have felt excluded from [my] blackness because I wasn’t [culturally] well-read on certain things. I feel like, because of that, I never want anyone [else] to ever feel excluded. So my movement is for everyone. It’s about inclusion. And if I am going to fight what I have been marginalized for, I am going to fight for all marginalized people."

To add to her resume of awesome, Lizzo is the first plus size black woman to be on the cover of Playboy. In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, she shares her hope that people everywhere see her on that cover and find that anyone can be sexy.

She did note that she has been getting DM’s from guys recently, though there’s a certain someone she wants to hear from the most. Her celebrity crush — Shawn Mendes.

Shawn — Lizzo is waiting.

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