Funko’s new Addams Family Pop!s are kooky and adorable


The arrival of the latest Funko Pops takes fans back to the world of the creepy and kooky Addams Family with delightful results

As we continue the trend of rebooting established franchises we’ve finally arrived at the Addams Family. You remember them? The “altogether ooky” family led by the amorous and charismatic parents, Gomez and Morticia.

The franchise started out as a television series in the ’60s before transitioning into two popular films made in 1991 and 1993, respectively. The family is set to return to screens this October and the recent reveal of that film’s first trailer coincides with the release of a series of Family Pop! figures.

Photo: Kristen Lopez

The Family Pop! Addams Family series consists of six individual characters: Gomez, Morticia, their children Pugsley and Wednesday, Uncle Fester, and the hairy Cousin Itt. There is also a special  Gomez and Morticia duo set.

Photo: Kristen Lopez

Almost immediately it’s discernible that these figures hold more in common with the original television show than the upcoming animated feature, and that might be a good thing depending on how you enjoyed the animation in the trailer (itself a take on Charles Addams’ original drawings of the characters). The provided samples of Gomez, Morticia, and Wednesday all have the Funko look, but lack the exaggerated facial expressions of the Addams drawings.

Since they look like standard Funkos, it’s up to the details to sell these. The individual Gomez and Morticia are simple in execution, lacking any props. Gomez rocks a pinstripe suit, his trademark mustache, and has some serious smokey eye going on. (He looks eerily reminiscent of Oscar Isaac in Sucker Punch, ironic considering Isaac is voicing the animated Gomez to the chagrin of fans.) It’s a bit weird that Gomez doesn’t have a cigar, which he rocks in both the television show and the movies. Funko hoping to avoid discussions of smoking?

Photo: Kristen Lopez

Morticia stands with arms crossed in her signature pose. The fun thing is her octopus-esque dress stands out at all angles on the figure’s bottom, making her easier to stand up than the other figures with two legs.

The set that features both Gomez and Morticia together is little more than the same figures repackaged, albeit they have a deader color scheme applied to them. I thought this might imply they glow in the dark but the box doesn’t say that and I haven’t tested the theory.

Photo: Kristen Lopez

Wednesday Addams is the best of the lot. She has her pigtails and her costume, coming complete with a headless doll and her hand behind her back. (I would have loved to have seen her fingers crossed behind her, but that’s not the case.) Unlike Gomez and Morticia, whose appearance is reliant on your knowledge of the show, Wednesday is just fun without knowing the series.

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Say what you will but I’m beyond glad these don’t look like Charles Addams’ drawings which lend off a grotesque feel. Funko’s new Pop! series on the Addams Family is more than just adorable. They create a fun entry into a series that remains just as creative and fun now as it did in the ’60s. Grab the full set, kick back with the show and the ’90s features and get ready to hum that theme song!