Doom Patrol “Frances Patrol” preview: A mental health mission


This week’s episode of Doom Patrol will feature a journey in the broadest sense of that term. More importantly, we’ll see some more mental health themes.

There are a lot of themes, tones, and commentary that connect every version of the Doom Patrol team. Horror. Comedy. Tragic backstories. Disability. And of course, mental health. Like episode 9, Doom Patrol “Frances Patrol” will feature some more canon mental health themes.

Superheroes and mental health are arguably the ultimate teamup. After all, superhero therapy has long since been used as a healthy coping mechanism for various mental health treatment. Though the trailer for episode 11 doesn’t give us any insight on the plot or conflict this week, it does cue us into the main mental health theme.

In the words of Cliff Steele, “Therapy, therapy, therapy!

Okay, Admiral Whiskers probably won’t make a triumphant return to be an accomplice in an impromptu therapy session. However, a lot of the dialogue and the scenes in the teaser suggests that “Frances Patrol” will at least delve back into the team’s interpersonal wellbeing.

Beyond Jane rightfully suggesting that she’s helped, supported, and saved herself over the years (in response to who appears to be Rita), this week’s episode seems to focus on Rita and Cliff’s dynamic. Sure, vocal exercise might not be the best mode of action to help the Robotman destress. At least Rita is trying to help Cliff open up not that the legitimate rat evacuated from his head. Regardless, we’re just interested to see how “Frances Patrol” develops this duos’ friendship.

Missing from the teaser is Larry and Victor. That probably just means the series is taking on its divide on conquer methodology again, which makes us more curious about where Larry and Vic are while Rita and Cliff are on their daycation.

Don’t worry though. We’ll dissect where Larry and Vic are when we sift through the synopsis in our live stream.

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