Newt Scamander, or how it’s suddenly cool to be a Hufflepuff


Newt Scamander and Fantastic Beasts have made it cool to be a Hufflepuff, and not a moment too soon either!

When I first read the Harry Potter books, I wanted to be a Gryffindor. I think we all did. We were reading about Harry’s adventures, after all, going on a journey as seen through Harry’s eyes, and he was a Gryffindor, so we wanted to be as well.

But the desire went further than that. The other houses’ description left something to be desired, at first. Who’d want to be a Slytherin if that’s where all the evil wizards came from? Would anyone other than know-it-all’s make it to Ravenclaw?

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And what exactly was Hufflepuff if not just the house that took the people no one else wanted?

So yeah, Gryffindor seemed not just like the smart choice, it seemed like the only choice. This opinion wasn’t really altered by the rest of the Harry Potter series, because never got to truly know anyone from another house other than Luna Lovegood, and we can all agree Luna is anything but the norm.

Until we met Newt Scamander.

Newt isn’t only the hero of Fantastic Beasts, he’s also proof positive that there’s life outside of Gryffindor, and boy, is it interesting. Because Newt isn’t less brave because he isn’t a Gryffindor, he isn’t less cunning because he isn’t a Slytherin, and he isn’t less smart because he isn’t a Ravenclaw.

He’s just himself, and who he is can somehow screw up, yes, but he can also single-handedly save the day.

Because, in the end, what Newt has shown us is not only that a house need not define us, but that our main trait can be loyalty, and kindness and fairness, and that won’t relegate us to the sidekick role. Hufflepuffs can indeed be the heroes.

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Isn’t that a revelation?